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Water System Identification – A Simple Guide

Water system identification

Identifying your water system / plumbing system can be tricky but it is a necessary step in purchasing most new bathroom products including showers and taps.  But how do you go about identifying yours?  Well hopefully this handy illustrated guide will help.

Low Pressure water systems / Gravity fed plumbing systems

Low Pressure Plumbing Systems

A low pressure or gravity fed plumbing system as it is otherwise known can be identified by a cold water tank or cistern in your loft and a separate hot water tank in your airing cupboard.  This is by far the most common UK plumbing system at the time of writing and means you have a low pressure water system. This isn’t as daunting as it sounds and your choice of showers need not be limited, in fact we have added a list of some of our favourites below.

Aqualisa Quartz Digital for Gravity Fed Systems QZD.A2.EV.14

Aqualisa Quartz Digital

The Aqualisa Quartz is one of our best-selling digital showers and a company favourite, this luxury digital shower can be twinned with a remote control to allow operation from up to 10 meters away.  It also features a built in processor which makes it powerful enough for use even on low pressure systems.  Like more power? Then don’t worry the Aqualisa Quartz features a clever boost button for an additional surge of water pressure.

Aqualisa Aquarian and Varispray Kit

Aqualisa Aquarian

The Aqualisa Aquarian & Varispray kit is the ideal shower for gravity fed water systems,  The Aquarian has fantastic build quality and is available complete with valve, shower head , hose and riser rail for the special price of only £179.99.  This Aqualisa shower offers the perfect amount of power for a comfortable and safe showering experience for the whole family, and for the price you will be hard pushed to find more shower for your money.

High Pressure water systems

High Pressure Plumbing Systems

High pressure water systems also known as unvented high pressure water systems are very similar in looks to a low pressure system so this one can be a bit tricky.  With this water system you will usually have a hot water tank in your airing cupboard but you will not have a cold water tank / cistern.  It is best to check very carefully with this water system especially in refurbished houses which may have old disused water tanks.  If in doubt it is always advisable to contact a plumber.  We stock a wide range of high pressure showers, some of our favourites and our customers favourites are as follows

Aqualisa Quartz Digital for Gravity Fed Systems QZD.A1.BV.14

Aqualisa Quartz Digital

As we mentioned on the Low pressure guide the Aqualisa Quartz is one of our best-selling digital showers and a favourite with our customers, this luxury digital shower can be twinned with a remote control to allow operation from up to 10 meters away.  The Aqualisa Quartz digital has a model for both low and high pressure systems and features a 4 mode handset with eco spray which can cut your water usage by up to 25% without compromising on your showering experience.

Aqualisa 609 Mixer shower with Varispray kit 

Aqualisa 609

The Aqualisa 609 is a high performance thermostatic shower which is perfect for the whole family. This model is supplied complete with a multi-mode handset, a shower hose, adjustable slide rail and a quality soap dish.  The Aqualisa 609 is currently at the special price of £179.99 and features free UK delivery.

Cold mains plumbing systems

Cold Mains Plumbing System

A cold mains plumbing system is suitable for use with any of our electric showers , all you need to do is simply choose one from our extensive range.  If you are unlucky enough that your cold mains system doesn’t meet the required, regulated minimum pressure you can install one of our high quality pumped electric showers for an extra boost.  If you are looking for a pumped electric shower we recommend the following:

Triton T80SI

Triton T80si

The Triton T80SI is available in 8.5 and 9.5kW variations and are specifically designed for homes which have poor pressure provided by a cold mains system (see above).  This high quality shower significantly increases the flow rate of a standard electric shower and is supplied with a 5 mode rub clean shower handset and an adjustable slide rail kit.

Redring Expressions 570 pumped electric shower

expressions 570

The Redring Expressions 570 shower is available in 8.5 and 9.5kW variations providing a powerful showering experience from a cold mains plumbing system without the need for an external pump.  This quality pumped electric shower is supplied complete with a handset, flex, and soap dish and slide rail.


We hope this informative guide helps you to identify your plumbing system but should you need any more assistance please don’t hesitate to contact us on (01472) 242 159 or by email at [email protected].

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