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Archive: Aug 2017

  1. “Hygiene Poverty” is on the Rise

    Over the last year, there has been a significant increase in ‘hygiene poverty’ in the UK, with a number of families forcing to choose between eating, or keeping clean. Many families around the nation are struggling to keep up with the costs of essential personal care and sanitary products on a regular basis, a charity has found, with many often choosing to go without in order to survive.


  2. Bathroom features which add the most value to your home

    Property has undoubtedly been a hot topic over the past five years in the UK. With house prices rocketing in the backdrop of an uncertain economic climate, property represents a monumental investment. For existing as well as prospective homeowners, it’s always advantageous to understand the major improvements that can potentially secure a return on a property – should the time come to sell.


  3. Personnel Hygiene in the Workplace

    Personnel hygiene and appearance in the workplace can be a very sensitive issue. Telling an employee, they should consider changing their personal hygiene habits or appearance can be insensitive and rude. In hindsight, ignoring the problem, could create an unpleasant working environment. As a business leader or employee, it can be a very compromising position to be in. But if certain aspects of an employee’s appearance are noticeably distracting others than it’s only appropriate to act.


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