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Archive: Oct 2017

  1. The UK’s Best Home Improvers

    It can be said that Britain is home to the proudest homeowners.

    Whether it’s a twitch behind the curtain to catch a glimpse of next door neighbour Joan’s new hanging baskets, or a sit down with a cup of tea and Location, Location, Location (which has been running for 18 years now) – we love our homes. We are a nation obsessed with interiors, and we are continually perplexed by how other people like to live, decorate and furnish their own four walls.


  2. Global Water Stress Crisis by 2050

    How often do we think about the water we use? In the UK, we are conditioned to believe water is quite literally on tap, whenever, wherever we need it. The kettle, the toilet, bottled up in vending machines, awash in the local pool – our access is limitless.  Except – it isn’t. Recent research reveals that whilst our planet might be blue, we may still be left thirsty.


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