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16 Bathroom Layout Hacks – by Simple Home Art Decor Ideas

As you know Showers To You are always looking for fresh and contemporary ideas for you bathroom, that’s when we found this video from our friends at “Simple home art décor ideas” this fantastic informational video shows you 16 clever bathroom ideas that can be achieved with little or no money.

If you are looking to give your tired bathroom a makeover or even make it more practical we highly recommend watching this video:

Some of our favourite tips include using stick on pods to adhere to the inside of your bathroom cabinet this practical solution creates an abundance of extra useable space while making smaller toiletries easier to access.

Or how about adding a modern or traditional book shelf above your door for storing extra towels and toiletries, as you will be aware with planning any room space is always at a premium so it’s best to plan accordingly, taking advantage of all the useable space without creating clutter creates an airy and relaxing bathroom for you to unwind after a long day.

Creating a focal point

The key to a nicely designed bathroom lies in creating one main focal point this can be done with something like one of our modern Roper Rhodes Vanity units each one working as a perfect centre piece with an abundance of storage. This video shows us a simple but effective way of creating a focal point by using two shower curtains to “frame” your bath area, not only does this solution look good but it is also has a practical application by preventing water from building up on the floor creating a safer bathroom environment.

Extras and finishing touches

While you may not want to try all of these bathroom hacks, there are other ways you can completely change the appearance of your bathroom with little outlay, Things like Smedbo and Roper Rhodes bathroom accessories and shower baskets, go a long way to transforming a tired bathroom, Our wide range of bathroom accessories are available in modern and traditional designs making them perfect for any bathroom setting.


After watching the above video, we thought could we take things further? So we twinned some of these fantastic ideas with some of our own products to create something quite spectacular.

Roper Rhodes Tune bathroom cabinet.

The Roper Rhodes Tune is one of our best-selling, fully featured bathroom cabinets featuring built in Bluetooth technology so you can stream directly from your phone to this illuminated cabinets built in speaker system, we suggest twinning this with stick on pods to create a functional and exciting storage solution. Get ready no longer needs to be a chore with all your toiletries close at hand and your favourite playlist on at full volume.

Carron Alpha double ended bath & Croydex white shower curtains

The Carron Alpha double ended bath provides plenty of space for a relaxing soak and its additional Carronite finish stores heat for up to 30 minutes longer than a standard bath finish. We like the idea of twinning the Carron Alpha bath with two white shower curtains by fantastic accessory manufacturer, Croydex. This will create a minimalist look with a sense of privacy and seclusion, simply light some candles, grab the wine and play some of your favourite relaxing music through your new Roper Rhodes cabinet.


As you can see you don’t need to spend a lot to turn your bathroom into a relaxing safe haven from the day’s troubles. If you like our content please sign up for our newsletter and why not pop over and see our friends at Simple Home Art Decor Ideas, creating brilliant instructional videos for the house and home.

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