Heated Towel Rails: A Buyer's Guide

Heated Towel Rails: A Buyer's Guide

Heated Towel Rails will indeed offer something for everyone. But before investing long-term into your home and lifestyle, it is crucial to understand the specifications, features and associated benefits they can provide.

Heated towel rails are a fantastic addition to any bathroom. Not only do they provide warmth and comfort, but they help to eliminate dampness and mildew. These rails are available in various sizes, styles, and finishes to match any bathroom décor. Modern designs offer energy-efficient options suitable for a range of budgets. Installing a heated towel rail is a simple and cost-effective way to enhance your bathroom experience and add value to your property. With the ability to warm and dry towels, robes, and even light clothing, heated towel rails offer practicality while providing luxury to your daily routine.

ShowerstoYou are on hand to provide you with everything you need to know about buying a Heated Towel Rail and how one can benefit your home.

What are the benefits of a Heated Towel Rail?

Heated towel rails are a luxurious addition to any bathroom, providing more than just warmth for towels. They are practical and functional, as damp towels can be a breeding ground for bacteria. When towels are hung on a heated towel rail, they dry quickly and remain fresh-smelling. Additionally, these rails offer a fantastic solution for keeping bathrooms cosy and dry during colder months by providing gentle and consistent heat. This can improve the overall comfort of a bathroom, enhancing the experience of using the space for cleaning and relaxation. Overall, investing in a heated towel rail brings numerous benefits to bathrooms.

What types of Heated Towel Rails can I buy?

Heated towel rails have become a staple in modern bathrooms worldwide. Not only do they provide a luxurious touch to the space, but they also play an essential role in keeping towels dry, fluffy and bacteria-free. Several types of heated towel rails are available on the market, allowing homeowners to choose one that best fits their individual needs and preferences:

Electric towel rails plug directly into a power socket and are easy to install. These are perfect for electric-only heating systems (such as the Kartell Electric Towel Rail collection)

Straight towel rails incorporate a horizontally or vertically straight design and elegantly fit on the bathroom wall.

Curved towel rails provide a stylish touch to your bathroom. The curved design allows multiple towels to be hung at once.

Cloakroom towel rails are ideal for smaller-sized room settings and quickly warm the room. These designs are perfect for all domestic central heating systems.

Electric Towel Rails - available at Showers To You.

What are Heated Towel Rails made from?

The materials for making heated towel rails vary depending on your chosen model:

Stainless Steel Rails efficiently conduct heat and resist rust, corrosion or stains over time. This is one of the most common materials used in towel rails.

Aluminium Rails are lightweight options and give a high heat output. Installation and transport of these heated towel rails are effortless.

Some models also feature powder-coated finishes and chrome or brass plating for a luxurious look.

Will a Heated Towel Rail heat my bathroom?

A heated towel rail is primarily designed to heat and dry towels rather than to heat a room. While a heated towel rail may produce some heat that can help warm up a small bathroom, it is not intended to be used as a primary heating source for the room. Instead, its main purpose is to keep your towels warm and dry, adding a touch of comfort and luxury to your bathroom experience. If you want to heat a larger space, such as a bathroom, consider using other heating solutions, such as radiators or electric heaters, specifically designed for space heating.

Heated Towel Rails vs Radiators: What's the Difference?

The main difference between radiators and heated towel rails is their purpose; radiators are designed to heat the entire room, whereas towel rails are intended to warm your towels. Traditional radiators rely on hot air circulating the room, whereas heated towel rails have individual bars which heat up separately without causing any hot air in the room itself. They also provide higher efficiency than regular radiators as they only heat up when needed, resulting in lower energy bills and ample warmth for your towels without heating the whole house.

How do I install and maintain my Heated Towel Rail?

When it comes to installing and maintaining any system, several factors need to be considered to ensure optimal performance and longevity. Firstly, it is crucial to carefully evaluate the environment in which the system will be operating. This includes factors such as temperature, humidity levels, and any contaminants that could damage or impact the system's performance.

Also, proper installation procedures must be followed to ensure all components are securely and correctly fitted together. Ongoing maintenance, including regular cleaning and inspection, is also essential to ensure that any issues or malfunctions can be identified and addressed promptly. Ultimately, prioritizing these installation and maintenance considerations is crucial to achieving maximum efficiency, reliability, and longevity from any system.

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Kartell Heated Towel Rails

What should I look for when shopping for Heated Towel Rails?

When shopping for heated towel rails, there are a few essential features to remember. Firstly, consider the size of the rail. If you have a larger bathroom, a more extensive rail may be necessary to heat all your towels adequately. Secondly, pay attention to the material of the rail. Stainless steel is a popular choice due to its durability and easy maintenance, but aluminium or brass options may be more suitable if you prefer a more traditional look.

It's also important to check the wattage of the rail to ensure it can effectively heat your towels without using too much energy. Finally, look for additional features such as timers or thermostatic controls, which can improve the efficiency of the rail and make it easier to use. Considering these factors, you can make an informed decision and choose the perfect heated towel rail for your bathroom.

What is BTU?

BTU stands for British Thermal Unit and is a unit of measurement used to express the amount of heat energy produced or required in a heating or cooling process. In heating systems, BTU measures the heat output of a radiator or a boiler. The higher the BTU rating, the more heat the device can produce. To determine the appropriate BTU rating for a particular space, factors such as the size of the room, the level of insulation, and the number of windows must be considered.

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Are Heated Towel Rails expensive to run?

The cost of running a heated towel rail will depend on several factors, including the appliance's size and wattage, the electricity cost in your area, and how often you use it. However, heated towel rails are generally not considered expensive to run, as they typically have low-wattage heating elements that consume relatively little energy. Depending on the size and wattage of the heated towel rail, you can expect it to consume between 100 and 150 watts of power on average.

How Much Does A Heated Towel Rail Cost?

The cost depends significantly on your purchase type - whether a standard model or something more luxurious like a designer edition. On ShowerstoYou, our prices vary from as low as £40 to over £1000 (depending on size and excluding delivery costs). Also, consider installation fees too if necessary. This varies depending on complexity but could easily add another few hundred pounds onto the overall price tag! For example, the Ajax Towel Warmer collection starts from just under £70, whereas the Scudo Heated Towel Rails increase to over £450.

Designer Towel Rails offer a luxurious focal point within your bathroom.

Can I leave my Heated Towel Rail switched on?

It is generally safe to switch a heated towel rail on, as it is designed to be left on continuously. However, following the manufacturer's instructions and safety guidelines when using any electrical appliance in your home is essential. Switching off the heated towel rail when it is not in use for an extended period, such as when you are away from home or don't need to use it during the summer months, is recommended.

In conclusion, Heated Towel Rails are perfect for anyone looking to add an element of comfort, convenience and style to their bathroom. By providing a wealth of benefits, several types to choose from, easy installation and minimal maintenance requirements, they offer a practical solution to warm towels. With this guide in mind, you can find the suitable model with the features that best fit your lifestyle. Ensure you read through all the specifications when choosing your Heated Towel Rail, which will be vital in determining the installation requirements.

Why Should I Buy A Heated Towel Rail From ShowerstoYou?

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