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  1. The Definitive Guide to Accessible Bathroom Designs


    Accessible bathroom designs aim to promote ease and independence for the user. Whether your bathroom will be for wheelchair users or the elderly, this guide will help you choose the best accessible features. Yet, one does not need to sacrifice style. In fact, our disabled bathroom layouts resonate luxury.


  2. Best Bathroom Furniture – Buyer’s Guide for 2019

    The UK bathroom market has been steadily growing but has recently seen a slight decline in development over the last year. According to AMA Research, the market is set to expand following the slight contraction observed during 2017, which saw bathroom products achieve value growth of only 3%. Overall market growth was predicted to be around 21% between 2017 and 2021, with consumer and business confidence set to improve in the coming years, leading to an upward trend when it comes to rate of purchase. (more…)

  3. What is a Shower and Bath Combo?

    If you’re finding it hard to decide which is better, a shower or bath, why don’t you get both? If space is limited in your bathroom, one way to compromise is to purchase a bath tub and shower combo, known as a “shower bath”. You may be thinking, what is a shower bath? There are a number of different styles and shapes to choose from, consisting of standard straight baths, to cleverly designed models to create a larger space. Read on to find out more about shower and bath combo ideas.


  4. Does Removing a Bath Devalue Your Home?

    Baths used to be a staple in most households in Great Britain, with people opting for a bath both in the morning or evenings – especially families. But, in the latter half of the 20th century, the shower started to gain popularity due to people’s busy schedules and was a quick alternative to a bath. Therefore, it began commonplace for houses to ditch the bathtub in favour of a space-saving shower instead. But there is one key reason that holds people back when it comes to swapping a shower for a bath today: does removing a bath devalue your home?


  5. 10 Bathroom Accessory Ideas for the Home

    For most people, the bathroom is one of the smallest spaces in the home, resulting in very little attention when it comes to interior design. But the bathroom is meant to be a relaxing haven to unwind in, so it is worth paying slightly more interest to it. Even if you are on a tight budget, changing just a few old bathroom items can considerably transform your bathroom and give it a new lease of life. Here are some of the best bathroom accessory ideas to update your family bathroom or ensuite.


  6. How To Get Rid Of Drain Odour

    If you are experiencing the foul smell of drain odour in your bathroom or kitchen you know it’s time to clean the pipes. Not only is the smell appalling, but the combination of methane gas and bacteria can be extremely dangerous to your health. Here is how you can get rid of drain odour:


  7. A guide to the different types of heating system for your bathroom

    There is nothing worse than getting into a shower when the bathroom is cold and unwelcoming. If you want to avoid finding yourself in that situation, it’s best to invest in a proper heating system for your bathroom. Just like choosing the perfect shower, choosing the perfect heating system for your bathroom is an equally important decision. This post will explain the types of bathroom heating systems, so you can decide which one would be most suited for you.


  8. 22 Bathroom Cleaning Hacks That Will Change Your Life

    Let’s face it, cleaning the bathroom can be a tedious job sometimes, especially if you have left it in your backlog of tasks for a little while. However, with the right tips and tricks, you can have a spotless bathroom in minutes. Here is a list of 22 life changing hacks to keep your bathroom pristine.


  9. Does an Ensuite Add Value to Your Home?

    does an ensuite add value to your home?

    Ensuite bathrooms are becoming more sought after by homeowners and home searchers alike, and rumour has it they can now increase the value of your house by up to 5%. Considering the average UK house price is £230,776, that is a potential increase of over £11,000! But does an ensuite add value to your home all the time? Are there factors that could hinder the house’s value? We consider possible situations in which an ensuite could affect your home’s value.  (more…)

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