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  1. The top 10 summer bathroom trends for 2022, according to Pinterest

    The days are getting warmer, the evenings are getting lighter, and birds are chirping in the bushes. Summer is fast approaching, and that means just one thing – home renovation! 

    The bathroom experts at Showers to You were keen to uncover the latest bathroom trends for Summer 2022. By deep-diving into Pinterest, they found the trendiest bathroom designs and ranked them in order of most to least popular. 

    Whether you’re just looking for some trendy bathroom ideas or are already pretty knowledgeable about bathroom design, take a read of this rundown of the up-and-coming bathroom trends.

    2022’s top 10 summer bathroom trends

    The top 10 summer bathroom trends for 2022 visualised.

    1. Bathroom fireplace

    Though the days of taking a bath in a metal tub in front of a fire may seem long gone, it is making something of a modernised resurgence. Bathroom fireplaces are increasingly popular online, with 992 boards and a huge 191,178 pins on Pinterest alone, and it makes sense. Who wouldn’t want to soak in a luxurious bubble bath while a fire crackles nearby and step out of the tub into a toasty warm room? 

    To create this trend in your own bathroom, remember that you’ll only need a small fire. Bathrooms can often be one of the smallest rooms in our homes, so you need a fireplace proportional to the rest of the space. The rest of the decor is up to you, but go for warm colours and cosy towels to really boost the cosy factor.

    2. Marble bathroom

    Marble has been a staple in luxury homes for centuries. Whether it’s in furniture and tabletops, kitchens counters, or bathrooms, marble is something that always seems to be in style in some form. 

    According to data from Pinterest, with 999 boards and 161137 pins, marble bathrooms are the modern version of the age-old trend. The contemporary marble bathroom incorporates sleek lines and minimalist fixtures. Most bathrooms in this trend are light in colour, with accents of silver, grey and gold, though dark marble bathrooms can be strikingly beautiful and different. 

    3. Vintage bathroom

    Modern may be nice, but it seems that Old really is Gold. Vintage bathrooms have got 1000 boards and 158256 pins on Pinterest, showing that you never can beat a classic. 

    Free-standing baths, roll-top tubs and wrap-around shower curtains are key aspects of the trend to capture that feeling of living in a period drama. Vibrant wallpapers in floral colours can add to the look, or go for old-fashioned paint in yellows and greens. Vintage style fixtures and fittings like antique or traditional taps also work wonderfully, especially when paired with ruffles and fabric accessories like curtains around the sink base.

    4. Industrial bathroom

    “Industrial”, as a trend, has swung in and out of fashion for many years now. But the time has now arrived to put an industrial spin on classic bathrooms. Garnering 999 boards and 125389 pins, it seems people across the globe are keen to get in on this trend. 

    To create the look yourself, think of metallic finishes and exposed piping. Dark paint or exposed brick will add to the industrial atmosphere. Many of the bathrooms pinned on Pinterest also feature Crittall style shower screens– black or metal frames with glass panels. This style can also be found in windows and even walls and is a hot trend this summer in its own right.

    5. Patterned tiles

    It has seemed that, for a while now, trends have laid towards all grey everywhere. The times are now changing, including in the bathroom. Add some colour and interest to the bathroom with patterned tiles– these can be victorian style floor tiles or modern, abstract wall tiles. This trend has 994 boards and 87942 pins on Pinterest and the examples show that this is a relaxed trend– approach it how you will, even keep the grey bathroom, but it is a great way to introduce some colour into the space.

    6. Bathroom TV

    Having a TV in the bathroom has always been a mark of luxury– what could be better than watching your favourite film while soaking in a bubble bath– but thanks to improvements in technology, this is easier to achieve than ever. With 888 boards and 59073 pins, it seems the people of Pinterest agree. 

    To get this trend yourself, you could fit a small flat screen above the bath for easy watching, or find a mirror with an integrated screen. Another way to get close to this trend is to find a BlueTooth mirror that will play music while you’re in the bathroom and stay steam-free. 

    7. Bathroom plants

    Houseplants have been a fast-growing trend in all areas of the home, and the bathroom is no different. With 1000 boards and 51652 pins on Pinterest, bathrooms are seemingly becoming lush oases filled to the brim with house plants.  

    It’s easy to get this look for your own bathroom– simply look for plants that thrive in humidity. Peace lilies, birds of paradise, and ferns (which come in a whole range of species) all love humidity. Go for some standing on the floor, on shelves and hanging in macrame holders near the window to add some interesting levels to your bathroom!

    8. Bathrooms with black accents

    While chrome or silver taps will always be a classic, there’s something to be said for the edgy quality of black bathroom fittings. Matte or gloss finish, Pinterest-ers love them, with 380 boards and 48329 pins. 

    To get the style yourself, look for black taps, flush handles and shower mixers for your bathroom. Match them with other black accessories, like shower curtain rails and black framed mirrors. Crisps white tiles with black grouting offer a stylish contrast, but a warm or jewel-toned wall paint can stop your bathroom from looking too stark. 

    9. Organic bathroom

    It may seem a puzzling trend– unlike food, “organic” might not seem to apply to bathroom decor. This trend applies to the overall vibe of the room and the materials used to create it. Pinterest has 563 boards and 46616 pins relating to this topic, showing many other people are wondering about it too. 

    For your bathroom to go organic, focus on soft and natural colours like pastel green, and use reclaimed wood and stone where possible. Humidity loving plants and bamboo towels, along with woven floor mats and rugs, can lend to the eco-friendly style. 

    10. Freestanding tubs

    From the iconic claw-foot tub to sleek and modern double-ended baths, freestanding bathtubs have been a luxurious addition to a bathroom for a long time. Whatever aesthetic you’re after in your bathroom, there is a freestanding tub to suit it. There are 984 boards and 44530 pins dedicated to just this on Pinterest. 

    If you’re after a freestanding bathtub but aren’t sure where to start or don’t mind the overall look of your bathroom, consider the functionality. If you love long soaks, whether alone or with a loved one, double-ended bathtubs can be just the thing. With the plug and overflow in the middle, no matter which end you recline against, you won’t have to deal with the discomfort of leaning on them. 




    1. were keen to uncover the most current bathroom trends for summer 2022.

    2. To do so, a seed list of popular summer bathroom trends was created, by scraping articles from reputable sources such as, and

    3. Through the use of Pinterest, manual cross-referenced each trend from the seed list and utilised a web scraping tool to examine the number of boards for each trend, as well as extracting the number of pins.

    4. The results were then filtered to deduce the most in-demand, upcoming bathroom trends for Summer 2022.

    5. All data was collected on 12/04/22 and is subject to change.

  2. Easy Tips For Saving Water At Home

    Read this simple blog post to see how you can save water and money at home with a few easy changes…


    All prices are soaring in 2022. Fuel prices are soaring, basic living costs are forever increasing and energy bills are reaching all-time highs. At Showers To You, we have compiled a shortlist of basic ways we can all save money and water at home.

    If we all did any of the basic changes below at home, not only could we all help our bank accounts, but we could also provide help to the environment. According to the Energy Saving Trust, in Britain alone, we use around 840 billion litres of water per year. Saving water eases pressure on the UK’s wetlands and rivers, thus allowing wildlife to survive and prosper.


    Did you know?

    • On average, the UK household uses around 330 litres of water daily. That fills an average 10ft swimming pool a week.
    • A full bath can use up to 80 litres of water
    • A 5-minute shower (depending on the water flow speed) uses around 75 litres of water
    • A washing machine uses approximately 50 litres per cycle
    • A single toilet flush can use about 5 litres per flush
    • Nearly 70% of the water we use at home comes from our bathroom
    • An average shower time is up to 8 minutes per person

    Save Water At Home

    Water can’t be taken for granted. With climate change occurring and extreme weather conditions, water supplies across the globe are becoming unpredictable.  These are some of the simple changes any household can make:

    • Checking a toilet or tap for leaks – a running toilet leak can waste around 60,000 litres of water per year if it hasn’t been checked and fixed. A simple way to check is to place a few drops of food dye into the toilet’s cistern. Do not flush the toilet for 15 minutes. If the dye has seeped into the bowl, then there is a leak (don’t worry if there isn’t a leak and the dye is still in the cistern. This will be filtered out with a few flushes). A leaky tap can waste up to 20,000 litres of water per year. Whilst waiting for the leak to be fixed, make sure to turn the water supply off.

    Approximate Water Wasted in litres from everyday house appliances.

    • Speaking of toilets – older style single-flush toilets use approximately 13 litres of water with each flush, whereas a modern dual-flush toilet only uses around 6 litres of water per flush. If upgrading your toilet is not financially possible, why not consider a water-saving cistern-displacement device? These can be found cheaply online or by contacting your water provider.


    • Only boil what you use – we’re British. We love tea. We’re all guilty of doing this, but only boil the kettle with the water that you intend to use. Take a look on the side of your kettle and see the advised fill line. Not only are you saving water with this tip, but you’re also saving a lot of energy in the long run.


    • Check your showerhead – modern designs of showerheads are mostly eco-friendly. We’re not talking about changing your entire shower (although we do have some great ideas in a separate blog post), however, a simple showerhead change can save up to 10 litres per minute. A bonus is that these showerheads are easy to install and are still as refreshing as a normal shower.


    • When watering your garden – do you use the water from your sink or your outside tap? A water-saving solution could be a Water Butt. Depending on your garden size, a Water Butt can be sized up to 20,000 litres! They catch excess rainwater and have a small tap towards the bottom. Not only will the grass and plants be drinking a natural source of water, but you will be saving potentially hundreds of pounds a year. Try to use a watering can when possible and try not to water in direct sunlight, as most of the water will be lost with evaporation.


    • If you have a dishwasher – make sure it’s fully stacked before using one. On average, a dishwasher uses 14 litres per cycle.


    • If you wash your car at home, a bucket and a watering can use a lot less water than a hosepipe or a pressure washer. However, if there is no alternative to a hosepipe, make sure the pipe is featured with some form of trigger nozzle rather than a naked end.


    • Turn off the taps – by turning off the taps when brushing your teeth or shaving, over 5,000 litres of water can be saved per year. This works out to potentially 6 litres of water wasted every minute.


    • Install ecofriendly appliances with being eco-friendly on many businesses’ minds (including all of us at Showers To You), many household appliances have been designed to reduce water waste. These include low water-flow taps, water-efficient toilets and reduced-capacity baths. Any of these water-saving appliances can make a huge difference in your bills and the wider natural environment.


    • Get a shower timer – a shower timer can potentially cut your shower time in half. These often use a suction cup and stick to a wall in your shower. Simply rotate the timer to start the countdown. Alternatively, why not challenge yourself to get showered to a three- or four-minute song?

    • When using your washing machine – why not check to see what temperature you wash your clothes on. From an energy-saving point of view, check to see how big a load of washing is before you clean it. Is it worth turning the machine on for a handful of dirty laundry, or could it wait to be washed with a few more items? A bonus check to do is to make sure the appliance is energy and water-efficient.


    A few small yet simple changes around the house can help save energy, water and money. Water is one of the most important elements in life. With a better understanding of water management and how usage can be reduced, shortages can be prevented in the future, along with wildlife and habitats. Over at Showers To You, we have a variety of eco-friendly showerheads, baths and toilets available.

  3. Beaufort Bath Collection

    Beaufort Logo

    What is a Beaufort Bath like?

    Beaufort Shannon P Bath

    Beaufort Shannon P Bath

    This ultra-strong, superior quality Beaufort Bath collection gets its name from the Beaufort wind force scale. Named as a nod to the strong winds and fair weather within the British Isles. Beaufort baths are made in Britain in a dedicated production facility, with each new line taking on the name of a sea region around the British Isles.

    Beaufort Baths integrate the best technological innovation, therefore, offering a “Storm Proof” bath constructed of 5mm Acrylic with a fully encapsulated baseboard. For a reinforced bath that stays warmer for longer, and for the ultimate in Gale Force Strength, the Beauforté collection is “Ultra Strong & Ultra Warm”.

    The baths are manufactured and supplied by Eastbrook, who have been selling baths for over 27 years and are renowned for their high-quality standards and service. This collection of Beaufort and Beauforté baths suit every home and bathroom design to offer you the perfect bathing choice.


    What is the difference between a Beaufort Bath and a Beauforté Bath?

    Strength of Beaufort Baths

    Strength of Beaufort Baths

    The Beauforté bath offers rigidity with almost double the strength of a standard acrylic bath and a manufacturing process that results in a bath as strong as a Steel Bath. Beaufort baths are “Storm Proof”, constructed using 5mm acrylic, with a Beauforté bath, an additional layer of insulation ensures that the bath maintains warmth for longer. Beaufort baths come complete with 25 years manufacturer’s warranty with Beauforté a 30-year warranty.

    How does Beauforté work?

    The manufacturing process results in an added, ultra-strong reinforcement layer underneath the bath that increases the strength and heat retention. The result of this process is that Beauforté baths are 45% stronger than a standard acrylic bath and are as strong as a steel bath.



    What are the benefits of a Beauforté bath?

    The benefit of choosing a Beauforté bath is that you will be purchasing one of the strongest most durable baths on the market today. Inclusive of a 30-year manufacturer’s warranty to provide peace of mind on your purchase for many years to come. The benefits include the strength of the bath, rigidity and durability. The additional insulation ensures the water in the bath stays warmer for much longer than a standard bath. As well as helping keep costs down, this is also helping the environment too.

    Beaufort Portland Bath Lifestyle

    Beaufort Portland Bath Lifestyle

  4. Traditional Bathroom Ideas featuring Brushed Brass

    Hudson Reed Traditional Bathrooms

    Be Inspired with Traditional Bathroom Ideas

    In this article, we share one of our favourite traditional bathroom ideas, all available from Hudson Reed. The bathrooms below feature Twilight Blue furniture and brushed brass brassware. The combination of these two finishes is absolutely stunning and certainly catching the eye of many.

    Hudson Reed and Old London Twilight Blue and Brushed Brass Bathrooms

    Hudson Reed and Old London Twilight Blue and Brushed Brass Bathrooms

    The on-trend bathroom style taking the country by storm is indeed the style that has a nod to the era of days gone by. Brushed Brass Bathrooms are becoming increasingly popular with many manufacturers adding to their gold or brushed brass ranges in order to keep up with this trend and offer consumers that touch of class and elegance of period design and bring this into their own homes.

    Hudson Reed Glassware and Old London Bathroom Furniture

    Hudson Reed products combine to make a statement that gives your bathroom space a rich, bold and sumptuous look. Twilight Blue Bathroom furniture is topping the trends at the moment, especially when combined with brushed brass handles and brushed brass taps. This timeless collection is luxurious and not surprisingly provides the Wow factor.

    The latest Glassware from Hudson Reed features the Brushed Brass Finish, which is pure indulgence at its very best. Combine a wetroom panel with a shower tray and brushed brass waste cover for that coordinating design. Within the showering area why not opt for one of Hudson Reed’s Brushed Brass shower valves. The shower valves are either available with fixed and adjustable showerheads or with just the waterfall fixed head. The combination of the shower panel, shower tray and shower valve allows your showering space to ooze with pure luxury.

    Old London Angled Twilight Blue Vanity Unit

    Old London Angled Twilight Blue Vanity Unit

    The Bathroom Furniture featured in this article is Twilight Blue, however, this is also available in Storm Grey or Timeless Sand. Widths from 750mm up to 1200mm, the options allow you to choose this Old London Bathroom Furniture to fit the size of the bathroom that you require. Beautiful curves, delicate designs, and decorative plinths add to the opulence. The furniture is available with white, grey and black worktops for further customisation.

    We hope that you agree that this is definitely one of the most stunning traditional bathroom ideas. All products are available from showerstoyou, provided by Hudson Reed, offering pure luxury and are undoubtedly the epitome of traditional design.

  5. Huge Discounts on Burlington Basins

    The Big Bathroom Sale

    Burlington Basins Autumn Sale Now On

    We are now 10 days into our Bathroom Brands Sale which includes our popular brand of Burlington. Across the full range of Burlington Ceramics are huge discounts. In this post, we provide you with some information about some of our best selling Burlington Basins and some of the biggest discounts that you will find. Buy now, as the sale ends on the 14th of November.

    Sale on Burlington Basins and Washstands

    Victorian Basins

    The Victorian basins are refined with delicate edges and contours, therefore, emanating luxury and grandeur. Taking you back to the period era of the Victorian age, you benefit from the choice of how you set your washbasin in the bathroom space, whether on a pedestal or a washstand. Choice and flexibility empower you to choose that vintage look, suited just for you, whether you choose a one tap hole basin, or a three tap hole basin, the choice is fully yours. Buy a Victorian Basin now, with up to 55% off the usual RRP. Sale prices are on until the 14th of November.

    Burlington Victorian Basins

    Edwardian Basins

    The angular design and structured corners create this impressive stance. The ultimate design statement in traditional bathrooms is what the Edwardian collection is all about. Four impressive sized basins coupled with either a washstand or pedestal are what adds to the diversity of options open to you. Huge savings across many all of the Edwardian Collection with up to 55% off some products.

    Burlington Edwardian Basins

    Contemporary Basins

    The Contemporary Collection does exactly what its name suggests. It offers a traditional design basin characterised by delicate and refined edges, but with a modern twist. This graceful collection offers a sophisticated look with simplistic elegance. The contemporary collection offers pedestal basins, washstand basins, countertop basins and semi-recessed basins, hence the flexible choice. Offers of between 33% and 55% off the recommended retail price.

    Classic Basins and Washstands

    The traditional design produced in 1896 called the Cliffe Vale led to the idea behind this model. Traditional and vintage at its best, therefore, perfect for any period design bathroom. Oozing with style and grandeur, the numerous aluminium finishes create that quintessential facade. These Classic Basins and Washstands offer something for everyone, and again that opportunity of choice is what makes Burlington so customisable.

    Final Thoughts

    The Burlington brand offers a complete collection of traditional products from across the eras. Each of the collections features cutting edge technology, therefore giving these vintage designs a modern-day twist. The comprehensive portfolio of products and configurations allows you to solve any of your design challenges. We hope you enjoy looking through our products online or in the brochure. To get the very best discount prices and best offers this year, make sure you buy now with up to 55% off RRPs.

  6. Big Bathroom Sale

    The Big Bathroom Sale

    Autumn Bathroom Sale Now On

    From Saturday 2nd October until Sunday 14th November The Big Bathroom Sale will be on. There are huge discount prices on some of the most luxurious bathroom products in the industry. Discounts of up to 50% have been applied throughout our site and can be ordered immediately. Take the opportunity to purchase your dream bathroom, at these special prices, for a limited time only.

    Who are Bathroom Brands?

    Bathroom Brands consist of three leading brands in the bathroom industry.

    Clearwater offers the widest range of luxury baths and stone basins, creating a talking point and focal point for your bathroom.

    Burlington offers a comprehensive and exquisite collection of traditional bathroom products from traditional bathroom furniture, bathroom taps and ceramics to a full selection of bathroom accessories.

    Britton provides complete bathroom solutions.

    Don’t miss out!

    Don’t miss out on this big bathroom sale from bathroom brands. Check out the prices now for up to 50% discount, only available for a limited time at Showers to You. Be sure to place your order during the sale period for the best low prices and fast delivery.

    Bathroom Brands Sale

  7. Special Offers on Mira Showers September 2021

    Offers on Mira Showers

    Special Offers on Mira Showers

    Here at Showers To You, we have offers on Mira Showers, available now until the end of September 2021, therefore, allowing you to get the best deals at the best prices. The four showers include the Mira Coda Pro ERD Shower, the Mira Honesty ERD Shower, the Mira Relate ERD Shower and the Mira Minimal Dual Shower. Exceptional high-quality showers all complete with a fixed shower head, riser rail and shower handset, for this reason, these showers offer a luxurious showering experience.

    Mira Honesty ERD Thermostatic Mixer Shower

    A chrome finish, cubic design shower featuring both a square fixed head and a square adjustable showerhead. Separate temperature and of/off controls, this Mira Honesty ERD boasts Mira Magni-Flo technology, therefore, boosting performance by three times the flow.

    Mira Relate ERD Chrome Thermostatic Mixer Shower

    This rounded thermostatic mixer shower included on our special offers on Mira Showers include a fixed shower head and adjustable handset. The Magni-Flo technology is a premium feature due to its ability to boost water flow by up to three times. Rub clean nozzles are a bonus because they result in a faster cleaning experience. Thermostatic control ensures that this Mira Relate offers safe showering.

    Offers on Mira Showers Mira Relate ERD Chrome Thermostatic Mixer Shower

    Mira Coda Pro ERD Mixer Shower with Diverter

    This easy-fitting, easy-to-use thermostatic mixer shower is included in the offers on Mira Showers. Powerful performance, safe showering and separate controls for flow and temperature control are features this shower boasts. In addition, the Mira Magni-Flo inbuilt technology is second to none with the purpose to boost shower performance.

    Offers on Mira Showers Mira Coda Pro ERD Mixer Shower

    Mira Minimal Dual Mixer Shower

    This dual outlet thermostatic shower is suited to all pressures and plumbing systems hence allows for great flexibility of use. Featuring a 200mm deluge showerhead and 110mm single spray handset, this Mira Minimal offers luxurious showering. The minimalist design and ease of use make this shower the perfect choice for your bathroom.

    Offers on Mira Showers Mira Minimal Dual Mixer Shower

    All offers on Mira Showers are available until the end of September 2021 from Showers to You.

  8. The benefit of choosing Carron Carronite Baths

    What is Carronite?

    Carronite Baths feature a toughened, durable finishing layer. A patented manufacturing process, Carronite from Carron Bathrooms adds strength to a bath and additional finishing layers, therefore, keeping the water temperature higher for much longer. Carronite is unique to Carron Bathrooms, providing a luxurious bathing experience and guaranteed to last for 30 Years.


    How does Carronite work?

    The manufacturing process of a Carronite finished bath is unique, resulting in a much stronger and heavier bath that is more reinforced than a standard acrylic bath.

    Each bath comes complete with a unique frame and a foot-set, adding weight and thickness to provide stability and security. Carronite keeps the bathwater temperature warmer for longer because of its increased density and heat retaining properties. The base of every bath model features a cut-to-size baseboard with all completion done by hand.


    What are the benefits of Carronite?

    The benefit of choosing a Carron Bath with a Carronite finish is that of a luxurious bathing experience. Benefits include the added strength, weight, rigidity, 30-year guarantee and the bathwater staying warmer for longer (up to 30 minutes).


    What ranges of Carronite baths are there?

    At showerstoyou, we offer a comprehensive collection of Carronite Baths, therefore, can suit all of our customer’s needs. Our baths include single-ended baths, double-ended baths, corner baths, shower baths and more. The Carron Quantum Baths are the most popular and best selling of all the ranges.

  9. Coastal Cities With The Most & Least Hours of Summer Sunshine

    With staycation spots right across the UK getting booked up through the summer months, choosing which coastal cities to retreat to can be challenging. It’s no secret that weather is a massive factor when deciding where to head and that visitors will be looking to avoid the rainiest cities and flock to the coast where there’s more sunshine. But which UK coastal cities are blessed with the most hours of summer sunshine?


  10. Best shower tray buyers Guide for 2021

    Best shower tray buyers Guide for 2021

    There are three main things you need to look for when you are buying your shower – the enclosure, the tray, and the showerhead. Let’s talk about the trays!

    Shower trays are an essential part of any new shower installation and design. But shower trays are available in a huge range of shapes or sizes, which can be confusing. Which finish is best for you? What size do you need? Which features to look out for? There are many questions you might have and we will try to help you here!


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