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Baths Versus Shower Enclosures

Baths Versus Shower Enclosures

Think twice if you’re about to sacrifice a bath for a shower enclosure. Although times have changed and many people prefer taking a quick shower instead of a long soak in the bath, there is still a growing demand for the good old-fashioned bathtub. These days there is such a huge range to choose from with many different styles and sizes available, making it possible to fit a bath into almost any room setting. Over the years many families have sacrificed their bath and replaced it for a separate shower enclosure, only to find that the bath is sorely missed when children arrive. Kids adore the bath time experience; being able to splash around in the water before bedtime. If a bath and separate shower simply will not fit in the room then a bath complete with a screen can always be installed to provide the best of both worlds.

How to choose the correct type of bath

When choosing a bath firstly ensure you follow these three steps: 1. Make sure the size can easily be accommodated within the room 2. Allow for the rest of the bathroom fittings that are required such as the sink and toilet 3. Consider the design depth and shape of the bath.

Double ended baths

Double ended baths, also known as a center tap hole, are ideal for sharing because there are no taps at the end to get in the way. Again this is perfect if you have more than one child to bathe.

Carron Equation 1800x800mm Double Ended Bath

Carron Equation 1800 x 800mm Double Ended Bath

Corner baths

Corner baths are available in both equal size and offset. This style is often chosen because of the shape and size of the room. If the length is an issue then these often provide the perfect solution because it is less than a standard bath. You will also notice that there is more elbow room, with the width being far greater than that of a rectangular one.

Carron Dove Corner Bath

Carron Dove Corner Bath

Single ended baths

Single ended baths get their name from the taps being fitted at one end and the slope being at the opposite end of the bath. The collection of single ended baths are available from as small as 1400 mm increasing to a maximum of 1800 mm. Many customers prefer single ended baths when combining it with a shower, as the shower can then be fitted over the tap end of the bath, preventing the user from having to lean over it to reach the shower

Carron Delta 1500x700mm Bath

Carron Delta 1500 x 700mm Bath

Bath construction

Most modern baths are made from 5mm acrylic that produces a quality finish that’s easy to keep clean. Our recommendation is to purchase a 5mm fully encapsulated acrylic bath. The encapsulation process consists of the full outside of the bath, even the baseboard, being sprayed or covered in fiberglass. This provides a very strong bath and is perfect for both bathing and showering.

Super strong finish

One of the strongest baths on the market is the patented Carronite finish by Carron Bathrooms, the super strong material is so thick and strong, it even retains the heat of the water for around 30 minutes longer than any other standard bath finish on the market.

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