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Archive: Dec 2015

  1. Instant boiling water with the BOIL1 tap by Redring

    Showers to you are pleased to announce that we will now be stocking the stunning new range of instant boiling water products by Redring.  The Redring Instant boiling water tap (BOIL1) is a three in one electric tap which has been designed for use in both domestic and commercial kitchens, it features a high capacity 2.3 litre hot water tank for supplying boiling water and can be connected to your hot and cold water supplies for operation as a standard tap.

    This new range aims to revolutionize your kitchen by removing the need for boiling a kettle , bringing you boiling water at the twist of a lever.


  2. December News

    Merlyn Christmas Selfie Competition

    It’s nearly Christmas time and this week our sales team have been getting involved with Merlyn Showering’s latest competition.  Last week we received a package direct from Merlyn showering containing four Christmas hats and an invite to take part in their selfie competition, this has been happening with shower and bathroom companies across the country and has proven to be quite popular.


  3. Some Like It Hot! Some Like It Cold!

    We all know showering is part of a healthy, daily routine. But did you know its temperature can also have an effect on you?

    That’s right. The temperature we set our shower to, and also the time spent in it, can give us different benefits. Some may find it strange to learn it can affect your health in different ways, but it’s actually true. Whether you opt for a hot shower or a cold shower, here’s something you may wish to consider.


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