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Fitting a shower door

Fitting a shower door

When it comes to fitting shower doors we will explain in detail just how easy it is do this job yourself and save a fortune on installation cost, the most important thing of all is to make sure that you order the correct size door.

How do I know what size door to order?

Firstly if you are going to install a door in a recess, measure across the top of the shower tray, then take a measurement across the middle, then across the top, this will also be the height of the door. Let’s say you have 820mm at the bottom, 830mm in the middle and 840mm across the top, firstly this shows that the walls are running out of level but because the shower doors are supplied with adjustable wall profiles this is not a problem. So with the smallest size being 820mm and the largest being 840mm simple choose a door with these adjustments, as an example you would choose a door that could be adjusted between at least 830mm to 840mm, don’t forget what ever you do, always make sure that you tile the walls first or fit wall panelling before you take any measurements.

Fitting the shower door:

Each one of our shower doors can be adjusted in size, this is achieved by means of the adjustable wall profiles. The wall profiles are supplied with every single shower door and the simple design allows the door frame to slide inside the wall profile Channel allowing for the adjustment. Once the door has been leveled up within the wall profiles this is then drilled and secured with grub screws, some doors now feature an easy fixing system that removes the need for drilling, take a look at the Merlyn Ionic range to find out more. When fitting the wall profile we always recommend using a quality silicon at the bottom of the profile were they sit on to the shower tray. Shower doors are designed to be siliconed on the outside of the door and never on the inside, if water gets in to the profile and it has been silicone on the inside of the enclosure then water can get trapped and end up finding its way out of the front of the enclosure as opposed to running back in to the shower tray when it has not been silicone on the inside.
Always make sure that the shower tray is fitted and that all tiling work and a silicone seal has been fully completed before fitting any shower door, this provides a fully water prof area so when the door is finally installed, all that’s left is to carefully silicon the outside of the door, if you are concerned about how neat the silicon will end up, one tip is to use masking tape on the tiles and also on the door frame, then silicon the door and carefully remove the tape to leave a neat seal.

Stocks and sizes:

At Showers To You our shower enclosure & shower door collection is second to none, we stock many different premium brands such as Novellini, Roman, April, Aquadart & Merlyn so you are sure to find the right door for your needs. We also stock a huge collection of sizes from 760mm right the way up to 1700mm all of which are adjustable to create a size perfect for your bathroom. Also there is no need to be tied down with mundane colours, gone are the days when your choice was white or white, now we have many colour schemes available, such as gold, silver, white, black, anthracite and many more we recommend the Merlyn 8 series colour range as a good starting point.


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