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Bathroom features which add the most value to your home

Property has undoubtedly been a hot topic over the past five years in the UK. With house prices rocketing in the backdrop of an uncertain economic climate, property represents a monumental investment. For existing as well as prospective homeowners, it’s always advantageous to understand the major improvements that can potentially secure a return on a property – should the time come to sell.

Some of the most understated improvements lie in one of the most important spaces in a property – the bathroom. Just like the kitchen, the bathroom is an everyday essential. It’s usually the first place people go to once they have woken up in the morning and the last place they visit before heading to sleep at night. As bathrooms are so important, it’s imperative to ensure their appearance as well as maintenance is to the highest achievable standard.

With research from Nationwide showing that a second bathroom could add 5% to the value of an average home, Showerstoyou decided to consult a range of experts for their professional opinion on how homeowners can make the most out of their renovations to an existing bathroom or a new one to, maximise the value of their property.

Here are the most cited features by consulted experts which will significantly improve a bathroom and the property’s overall value as result.


Estate Agents

Derek Jenson an Estate Agent from Nottingham commented:

“Bathrooms always rank high in the criteria for most property seekers. For them it’s one of the most fundamental spaces in a property. Consequently, those homeowners looking to improve their existing bathroom or add another for the purpose of boosting their property value, will carefully consider the required improvements and additions which will provide the best end result”.

Emma Barns an Estate Agent from Sunderland commented:

“Over the years I have seen a fair share of properties where the homeowners have not taken any pride in the appearance and maintenance of their bathrooms. This has adversely impacted on the value of their property when trying to sell or rent. Leaking pipes, mould and outdated fittings are reoccurring problems in a lot of the properties. Considering the bathroom is used on a daily basis, prospective buyers want to carefully envision the viability of its usage. If they identify problems which cannot be easily addressed, it negatively effects their perception of the property, even if the rest of the house is great. So the best course of action is to identity all the improvements that need to be made and make them without sacrificing on quality. This will yield the best potential outcomes for a property’s value”.


Photo credit: Gorvik / Shutterstock

Property Professionals

Kim Yates a Property Consultant from London commented:

“The introduction of a second bathroom will definitely increase the value of a property. There is no question about it. In my opinion, this option is most beneficial for properties with more than three bedrooms. From a family’s point of view, it eradicates the disputes of sharing a bathroom. If prospective buyers are elderly, than a downstairs second bathroom can be very convenient, especially if they suffer from any mobility issues. The great thing about planning a second bathroom is that it does not need to be as fancy or extravagant as the main bathroom. As long as it is built well and with the right bathroom accessories /materials/bathroom furnishing – then it will be more than suitable for any purpose”.

Dan Gates a Property Investor and Analyst from Manchester commented:

“A second bathroom or improvements to an existing bathroom doesn’t have to be a complex process, strive for a coherent vision. I believe appearance is the underrated key. Whilst the popular consensus may be to splatter white paint and fixtures across the bathroom, it may come across as too boring. When giving the bathroom a lick of paint, choose soft colours. Going for dark colours will may make the bathroom feel confined to prospective buyers. Integrating features such as a heated towel rail and power shower could add vast appeal in the eyes of prospective buyers”.


Matthew Paterson a Freelance Designer from Birmingham commented:

“When it comes to bathrooms, more often than not, people overlook the importance of getting the basic things right. Vibrant tiles with good grouting is a must. The desired layout also needs to correspond with the plumbing infrastructure of the bathroom. Similarly, you want some space for movement and storage between the three main fixtures of the bathroom – the toilet, sink and shower/bath. There is also the consideration of whether you want a bathroom to have a certain theme and encompass fun features such as waterfall taps etc. In my view, if you’re spending for the sole purpose of increasing the value of a property, then go for a simple design throughout. If you’re doing it for personal preference, then include a combination of higher end features and fixtures. In either case, don’t compromise on the finishing and the collective appearance of the bathroom”.


Photo credit: pbombaert / Shutterstock

General Thoughts

The consulted professionals and experts from this research seem to unilaterally agree that the process for improving an existing bathroom or adding a new bathroom is only complicated as someone makes it. Researched ideas achieved through a clear plan will more than suffice towards the final execution of the bathroom. The majority believe you don’t need to break the bank to rejuvenate or add a bathroom. Instead, thought-out features and quality additions which effectively utilise space, will add a great deal of value to a property.


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