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Beaufort Bath Collection

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What is a Beaufort Bath like?

Beaufort Shannon P Bath

Beaufort Shannon P Bath

This ultra-strong, superior quality Beaufort Bath collection gets its name from the Beaufort wind force scale. Named as a nod to the strong winds and fair weather within the British Isles. Beaufort baths are made in Britain in a dedicated production facility, with each new line taking on the name of a sea region around the British Isles.

Beaufort Baths integrate the best technological innovation, therefore, offering a “Storm Proof” bath constructed of 5mm Acrylic with a fully encapsulated baseboard. For a reinforced bath that stays warmer for longer, and for the ultimate in Gale Force Strength, the Beauforté collection is “Ultra Strong & Ultra Warm”.

The baths are manufactured and supplied by Eastbrook, who have been selling baths for over 27 years and are renowned for their high-quality standards and service. This collection of Beaufort and Beauforté baths suit every home and bathroom design to offer you the perfect bathing choice.


What is the difference between a Beaufort Bath and a Beauforté Bath?

Strength of Beaufort Baths

Strength of Beaufort Baths

The Beauforté bath offers rigidity with almost double the strength of a standard acrylic bath and a manufacturing process that results in a bath as strong as a Steel Bath. Beaufort baths are “Storm Proof”, constructed using 5mm acrylic, with a Beauforté bath, an additional layer of insulation ensures that the bath maintains warmth for longer. Beaufort baths come complete with 25 years manufacturer’s warranty with Beauforté a 30-year warranty.

How does Beauforté work?

The manufacturing process results in an added, ultra-strong reinforcement layer underneath the bath that increases the strength and heat retention. The result of this process is that Beauforté baths are 45% stronger than a standard acrylic bath and are as strong as a steel bath.



What are the benefits of a Beauforté bath?

The benefit of choosing a Beauforté bath is that you will be purchasing one of the strongest most durable baths on the market today. Inclusive of a 30-year manufacturer’s warranty to provide peace of mind on your purchase for many years to come. The benefits include the strength of the bath, rigidity and durability. The additional insulation ensures the water in the bath stays warmer for much longer than a standard bath. As well as helping keep costs down, this is also helping the environment too.

Beaufort Portland Bath Lifestyle

Beaufort Portland Bath Lifestyle

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