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Category Archive: Home Features

  1. A guide to the different types of heating system for your bathroom

    There is nothing worse than getting into a shower when the bathroom is cold and unwelcoming. If you want to avoid finding yourself in that situation, it’s best to invest in a proper heating system for your bathroom. Just like choosing the perfect shower, choosing the perfect heating system for your bathroom is an equally important decision. This post will explain the types of bathroom heating systems, so you can decide which one would be most suited for you.


  2. Crowned: The Most and Least Polite Hometowns

    Good neighbours become good friends, right? Neighbours can keep a spare key for you, pop in to feed the cat and keep an eye on your home whilst you’re away. Aside from peace of mind and the odd favour, neighbours can also bring a great deal of sociality and joy to your home life. But have you ever considered if you have polite neighbours?


  3. REVEALED: What Renters are Happy to a Premium For

    Over the last decade, house price inflation has accelerated beyond wage growth across the UK. This in turn, has dented the prospect of home ownership for many first-time buyers. Consequently, Brits have had no choice but to opt for the private rental market as an alternative way to get on the property ladder.


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