Roper Rhodes bathroom furniture is wide ranging in terms of products offered. Roper Rhodes has made available high-quality hand-crafted vanity units, expertly finished wall hung cabinets, modern wall units and many other products since they were founded in 1979. Their ethos places emphasis on using ethically sourced materials as well as on offering unbeatable care after the sale has been made.

Even though you won’t pay as much as you would on a premium priced bathroom furniture range, the features offered by Roper Rhodes do rival with these premium furniture manufacturers. They include a whole host of first-class features such as soft closing doors, integrated lighting, or silent drawer runners. The UK based team of Roper Rhodes designers has helped the company to recently achieve the status of approved retailer; this means that we are now able to make ranges such as Envy and Valencia available to our customers at competitive online discount prices.

The massive assortment of finished as well as colours available through Roper Rhodes means that you needn’t look any further if you’re looking for highly customizable vanity or back to wall units. They offer a smorgasbord of different worktops and handle options which you can place on any of the items you purchase.

Roper Rhodes Bathroom Furniture

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