Beaufort Bath Collection

What is a Beaufort Bath like?

Beaufort Shannon P Bath

This ultra-strong, superior quality Beaufort Bath collection gets its name from the Beaufort wind force scale. The name was chosen, giving recognition to the strong winds and fair weather within the British Isles. Beaufort baths are made in Britain in a dedicated production facility, with each new line taking on the name of a sea region around the British Isles.

Beaufort Baths integrate the best technological innovation, therefore, offering a “Storm Proof” bath constructed of 5mm Acrylic with a fully encapsulated baseboard. For a reinforced bath that stays warmer for longer, and for the ultimate in Gale Force Strength, the Beauforté collection is “Ultra Strong & Ultra Warm”.

The baths are manufactured and supplied by Eastbrook, who have been selling baths for over 27 years, renowned for their high-quality standards and service. Eastbrook has sold over one million baths and brought together their comprehensive research and experience to develop the Beaufort Bath that puts it at one of the top in its class. This collection of Beaufort and Beauforté baths suit every home and bathroom design to offer you the perfect bathing choice.

Why should I choose a Beaufort Bath?

Beaufort baths are manufactured in Britain using the latest technological innovations, research & development. This extensive collection of baths boasts high-quality materials, superb strength and affordable prices. More of us are spending much more time at home, which makes investing in a luxurious bathing space to help unwind and relax all the more important. It is just the tonic needed to destress and float our worries away.

Beaufort Portland Bath

What is the difference between a Beaufort Bath and a Beauforté Bath?

The Beauforté bath offers rigidity with almost double the strength of a standard acrylic bath and a manufacturing process that results in a bath as strong as a Steel Bath. Beaufort baths are “Storm Proof”, constructed using 5mm acrylic. Beauforté baths feature an additional layer of insulation, ensuring that the bath maintains warmth for longer. Beaufort baths come complete with 25 years manufacturer’s warranty with Beauforté a 30-year warranty.

Strength of Beaufort Baths

What Beaufort Bath will suit my Bathroom?

The Portland bath range gets its name from the Jurassic Coast in the English Channel. Portland is available in a Single-Ended option or as a Double Ended Bath with or without grips. Minimalistic with straight sides and a sloping back. There are a wide range of sizes to choose from, ranging from 1500mm length up to 1800mm and a variety of widths. Each bath is available in Beaufort 5mm acrylic or with reinforced Beauforte material.

Beaufort Biscay Bath

The Biscay collection offers 12 models that are robust and have a distinctive curved corner on the bath to give these a flowing, sleek look. Each model can be chosen as a left-hand or a right-hand option to suit the design and layout of your bathroom. Biscay gets its name from where the West Coast of France meets the North Coast of Spain - the wonderful Bay of Biscay and its flowing rounded map gives this Beaufort Biscay its name. If you are looking for a larger bath to fit into a slightly smaller bathroom space, then this rounded corner design may be what suits your needs.

For the multi-functional bath, the Shannon L-Shape and Shannon P-Shape bath are perfect, incorporating both bathing and showering in one. There is no compromise on quality, with both suiting a series of shower screens (available as drop-down options) on each bath. Each Shannon Shower Bath comes as a 4mm acrylic or extra strength Beauforte.

Beaufort Rockall Bath

The Rockall bath collection gets its name from a region off the coast of Ireland. Sloping backrests at one end and lumbar support at the other join forces with an angular look and luxurious finish to make the Rockall bath a comfortable and stylish option. The Rockall bath is available as a small bath from lengths of 1400mm to a large bath of 1900mm.

The Malin collection is given its name after the sea region off the edge of the Irish North Coast. The bath is available as a Malin Single-Ended or a Malin Double-Ended. The Malin features a modern thin rim for maximised bathing space.

For the most luxurious bathing experience of all, the Beaufort Whirlpool baths provide just that! A selection of Beauforté baths is available alongside a six-jet Whirlpool to truly transform your bathroom into a haven of relaxation. A place in which one can truly let your worries slip away whilst enjoying jet fed water using Whirlpool technology. Whatever size, shape or design of the room, there is a Beaufort Bath to suit every single one of your needs.