Why Choose a Beauforte Bath

Why Choose a Beauforte Bath?

What is the difference between a Beaufort Bath and a Beauforté? The Beauforté bath offers rigidity with almost double the strength of a standard acrylic bath and a manufacturing process that results in a bath as strong as a Steel Bath. Beaufort baths are “Storm Proof”, constructed using 5mm acrylic. Beauforté baths feature an additional layer of insulation, ensuring that the bath maintains warmth for longer. Beaufort baths come complete with 25 years manufacturer’s warranty with Beauforté a 30-year warranty. The full Beaufort and Beauforte collection offer durability, strength and quality and are proud to be made in Britain. All baths feature a fully encapsulated baseboard for added strength.

Strength of Beaufort Baths

How does Beauforté work?

The manufacturing process results in an added, ultra-strong reinforcement layer underneath the bath that increases the strength and heat retention. The result of this manufacturing process is that Beauforté baths are 45% stronger than a standard acrylic bath and are as strong as a steel bath.

What are the benefits of a Beauforté bath?

The benefit of choosing a Beauforté bath is that you will be purchasing one of the strongest, most durable baths on the market today. Inclusive of a 30-year manufacturer’s warranty to provide peace of mind on your purchase for many years to come. The benefits include the strength of the bath, rigidity and durability. The additional insulation ensures the water stays warmer for much longer than a standard bath. As well as helping keep costs down, this helps save the environment too.

What baths are available in the Beauforté finish?

The full catalogue of Beaufort Baths are available in either an Acrylic finish, or in the reinforced, ultra strong finish of Beauforté. Whether you choose a Portland Bath, a Shannon Shower Bath or a Rockall Single Ended Bath, the choice is yours to purchase as a 4 or 5mm acrylic bath, or as a reinforced, ultra strong Beauforte Bath. Some ranges also come available as a twin grip bath.