Bath Sizes: How to Pick the Right One

Whether moving into a new house or simply renovating your bathroom, buying a new bath can be the perfect way to maximise your comfort and relaxation at home. With so many different options on the market, however, deciding what size bath is best for your home can feel like a thankless task.

Identifying the right size bathtub for you can depend on an array of different factors. While it stands to reason that a larger bathroom can accommodate a bigger bath, there are many people in larger spaces who opt for a smaller tub that works better with their bathroom décor.

Equally, there are others operating in smaller rooms who are happy to have a larger bath that takes up a greater portion of their bathroom space.

With so many considerations, it’s little surprise that so many people feel overwhelmed when trying to find the right bath. Fortunately, Showers to You is here to provide you with everything you need to decide what size bath is best for your home.

What Is the Size of a Standard Bath?

If you’re living in the UK, there’s a good chance you’ll have seen the term ‘standard UK bath size’ whilst browsing online. Currently, the standard bath size in the United Kingdom is deemed to be 1700mm in length and 700mm wide.

While you’ll find an array of options in this size, there are numerous bathtubs on the market that are considerably larger and significantly smaller than these standard measurements. Smaller baths are designed with lengths of around 1400–1500mm, making them a perfect addition to a compact bathroom.

Alternatively, many larger bathtubs have dimensions of 1800mm in length and 800mm in width. The sizeable design of these baths makes them perfect for those looking to maximise their comfort in a more spacious room.

For those with particularly lavish bath spaces, there are premium freestanding baths on the market that offer lengths as vast as 2000mm and widths of 1000mm. Find out more about this type of tub in our freestanding bath buying guide.

How Should You Measure Your Current Bath?

Measuring your current bath is an efficient way to inform what size bath you’d like for your next purchase. Whether you’re looking for a bath of similar size or something larger or smaller than your current tub, these measurements can provide you with an idea of the lengths and widths you’ll require.

Measuring your bath at home is a simple process that requires minimal time:

1. Begin with the length. Measure your bath from one end to the other using a tape measure (starting at the widest point on curved or corner baths).

2. Next, work out the width. Measure your bath from the back edge to the front.

3. Now, on the exterior of the bath, measure from the floor to the top edge. This will give you the height of your bath.

4. Finally, work the depth by measuring from the deepest part of your bath to the overflow. This will allow you to gauge how much water your bath can hold.

Check out our guide to the different types of baths you can buy to help choose your next tub.

How Do I Work Out What Size Bath I Need for My New Bathroom?

The ideal sized bath for your bathroom can depend on an array of factors; from the size of the room to the cost of the bath.

To establish what size bath you need for a new bathroom, you’ll need to measure the dimensions of your room to work out how much space you have available. When determining your preferred sized bath, it’s important to consider the space taken up by other facilities like toilets and shower enclosures.

Typically, you should aim to have at least 760mm of space between your bathtub and other facilities to avoid cluttering and ensure comfort.

While it’s logical to think that a larger bathroom will require a larger bathtub, this is not always the case. Some people with lavish bathroom spaces may opt for a more compact tub if they don’t want their bath to be a defining feature in the room. Equally, there are those with more economical bathrooms that opt for a larger bath to serve as the centrepiece of the room.

What Are the Standard Dimensions for Each Bath Style?

While most bath styles are available in a range of sizes, there are certain styles like freestanding baths, that tend to be associated with larger bathtubs. Although we’ve already covered the size of a standard UK bathtub, these measurements can differ depending on the style and shape of your bath.

Below we’ll cover the standard dimensions for some of the most popular bath styles.

Straight Bath

While straight baths are available in an extensive range of sizes, the standard dimensions of this type of bath are deemed to be 1700mm in length, 700mm wide, and 545mm in height.

Corner Bath

Corner baths tend to have smaller dimensions than straight baths with average dimensions of approximately 1500mm in length, 1020mm in width, and 560mm in height.

Freestanding Bath

While they’re available in substantially larger sizes, the average dimensions of a freestanding bath are thought to be around 1770mm in height, 800mm in width, and 550mm in length.

Can You Cut Bath Panels Down to Size?

While many people opt to hire a professional to fit their bath panels, there are others who feel confident enough to go it alone. Thankfully, if your bath panels are currently too large for your bathtub they can be cut down to size.

The most efficient way to trim a panel is to use a hacksaw before sanding it down once you’ve trimmed it to the correct size. By following these steps, you’ll ensure that your panels slot in nicely while losing none of their pristine aesthetic.

Luckily, for those looking to avoid the extra workload, there are many manufacturers that offer made-to-order panels to ensure they fit perfectly upon purchase.

Why Choose Showers to You to Purchase Your Bath?

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