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Boost Your Property Potential! – En-suite Bathrooms.

Everybody enjoys the idea of boosting their property potential. However, there’s no doubt you’ll spend weeks, if not months debating the best solution.

In Britain, we like to treat our bathrooms with care, whilst making them as lavish as possible. After all, the bathroom is a key part of our home. We rely on them for the essential morning shower and a relaxing bath at night. But given the option, we’d all love an extra splash of luxury.

So, how do we get that? That’s right. The en-suite bathroom.

By adding an en-suite bathroom, we give our home much more value. Below are some ideas to help transform a small room, into a stylish haven.

Wall-Mounted Fittings

Roper Rhodes Bathroom Furniture

Illusion is a fantastic thing. To achieve maximum space in your en-suite, try to keep products off the floor. You won’t believe what this will do for extra room. Generally, fixing products to the floor can fill your room without you actually realising how much space it’s taking up.

Because of the extra space of wall mounted fixings, it will give your en-suite the opportunity to breath.

Showers to You offer many basins that will help bring out elegance as well as basins that conceal that very unattractive pipe work.

Conceal Pipework 

Concealing pipework will provide you with not only a neat and tidy finish, but a great look that will lead to a cleaner room.

Fitting your toilet off the ground also will only add to maximising your space. Remember, an en-suite is there for convinience so try to keep it simple, but make it stand out.

Create a Wet Room 


At Showers to You, we love a traditional shower enclosure, however, if you fancy mixing this up, why not try a wet room? A wet room will help create even more space for you as they don’t require an enclosure or shower door. But if  you’re weary of sealing your bathroom properly (which we would always advise to be done by an expert) there’s nothing wrong in installing a shower enclosure.

Fit a Mirrored Cabinet


Although a mirrored cabinet won’t seem like a big addition to your en-suite, this will actually be a key element in bringing it to life. It will help to fill the room with light and the reflections will instantly make the area seem bigger. Not only that, they are brilliant to store toiletry essentials. When picking your mirrored cabinet, why not go for a fresh look with and LED light to really boost your en-suites appeal.

Simple Bathroom Storage

Glass Shelf

Every bathroom or en-suite needs some storage. Because we’re focusing on make the most of a small space, it’s best that you avoid clumpy wooden shelves or something of that sort. Opting for glass will aid in keeping your room fresh and vibrant. If you are a fan of wooden shelving though, try and go with a less clumpy or rustic option.

If you’re looking for more storage options, please bear in mind the vanity unit as previously mentioned. It will work brilliantly!

Shower Bath


Ok, ok. Some of you just LOVE a bath and you really want to make room for one in your en-suite. If you’re struggling, go with a shower bath. This will give you the best of both worlds when washing. The subtle curve or cut to the bath will allow for extra standing room whilst showering. We offer small baths too, so if you’re struggling, just give us a call and we’ll offer help wherever possible (01472 242159).


Experiment! Try and be creative with your design. After all, you’re aim is to add value to your property. Sometimes, unusual will capture your audience a lot more fro the right reasons. However, always make sure you do your homework before and rennovation takes place. You don’t want any nasty surprises later on down the line.

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