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Space Saving Bathroom Storage Ideas

Not many of us are lucky enough to have large, spacious bathrooms – especially if you reside in London. If space is a premium in your bathroom, it’s important to be space savvy in order to make sure your bathroom isn’t full of clutter lining your windowsills, sink, bath, and around the edge of your shower cubicle. Not only does this look untidy, it can leave unpleasant water marks on your surfaces around shampoo, soap or shower gel bottles, which can be a real pain to remove. To avoid this, consider adding some space saving bathroom storage ideas.

You’ll be pleased to know that you can save space in your small bathroom by being a little more inventive with your storage options. Whether it be adding a modern ladder to store your towels, or installing shelves on empty walls to hold your favourite products. What’s more, some space saving storage hacks can even enhance the look of your bathroom and create a stylish, modern haven to unwind in after a long day’s work. Read on to find out our 8 favourite bathroom storage ideas for your bathroom.

8 different bathroom storage ideas to save space

1. Under the sink

Photo credit: ImageFlow / Shutterstock

Sinks are an integral part of a bathroom, which is why it’s a good idea to make them a feature by buying a sink with build-in storage, or getting a custom-built storage unit underneath it, if your budget permits.

If you don’t have the budget or space for anything lavish or expensive, you can buy ready-made bathroom storage cabinets and shelves that are designed to fit around the pedestal.

2. Over the sink storage

If there is a wide enough gap between your sink and bathroom mirror, you may want to add a shallow shelf to hold toothbrushes, soap or handwash, or anything else that you want to keep close by. Not only is this convenient and look neat, it helps to keep your sink clear, free from clutter and makes the area significantly cleaner.

An alternative is replacing your bathroom mirror with a mirrored cabinet too, which will offer you a mirror and a tonne more storage space – a win-win situation!

3. Over the door storage

This is often overlooked when considering space saving storage options in the bathroom. Most bathrooms will have a couple of feet between the top of the door frame and the ceiling, so why don’t you consider taking advantage of this space by putting up a shelf and using it for items you don’t regularly use? Such as extra toilet rolls or spare towels which can take up a lot of space.

Don’t forget, if you want to put items up there that you don’t really want on display, buy some nice bathroom storage baskets or boxes to hide them from view.

4. Use a ladder

Photo credit: New Africa / Shutterstock

A common problem in bathrooms is where to hang towels, as they can take up an awful lot of space and look untidy. To rectify this issue, think about buying a wooden ladder and prop it against a spare wall in your bathroom and hang your towel on each rung. This is a stylish alternative to

Laddered bookcases are also very effective and can be used to store all sorts of items, from toiletries and candles, to magazines and diffusers – perfect for relaxing in the bath. However, if you don’t have enough space to prop up a ladder, you can either install a towel rail or hang them off of a robe hook instead.

5. Use a bookcase

If you carefully study your bathroom, you may notice a series of narrow spaces that aren’t currently utilised – particularly either side of the toilet or beside your bathroom sink. Many homeware stores will stock narrow bookcases that are ideal for adapting to your bathroom space. Slot them into these gaps to store toiletries, bath salts or candles, to name a few, making them easily accessible for when you need them.

6. Use a spice rack

If you’re stuck for space around your sink, spice racks can provide a handy storage solution. Simply mount them onto the wall too keep your toiletries and products tidy, but within easy reach too.

If you decide to put a few spice racks up to house your toiletries, remember to leave enough space between them for taller products, such as hair spray or electrical toothbrushes, for example.

7. Use a shower basket

Photo credit: Vladeep / Shutterstock

To avoid mounting shower products cluttering your bath or shower space – and making a mess – you may want to purchase a shower basket to house all your must-have products like shampoo, conditioner, and shower gel. This simple invention can make your small bathroom feel neat and tidy in an instant.

Shower baskets are easy to install, with most attaching to the tiles using suction cups rather than requiring any drilling.

8. Build a false wall

If you have some extra money to spend on your bathroom, you may want to consider this more ‘out there’ storage idea. This can create space for recessed glass bathroom shelves in an alcove to accommodate all your bath and shower products.

Despite being a little more ambitious and costly, when done well they can look really smart and provide a fantastic safe saving storage option.


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