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  1. The Most Popular Autumn Fragrances for Him and Her 2018

    Autumn is just around the corner, therefore, it’s time to say goodbye to your favourite fresh and citrus scents of the summer and make room for more intense and lingering notes for a new olfactory season. has consequently put together a list of the top 10 most popular autumn fragrances for him and her 2018, which all perfume lovers should try.


  2. Crowned: The Most and Least Polite Hometowns

    Good neighbours become good friends, right? Neighbours can keep a spare key for you, pop in to feed the cat and keep an eye on your home whilst you’re away. Aside from peace of mind and the odd favour, neighbours can also bring a great deal of sociality and joy to your home life. But have you ever considered if you have polite neighbours?


  3. REVEALED: What Renters are Happy to a Premium For

    Over the last decade, house price inflation has accelerated beyond wage growth across the UK. This in turn, has dented the prospect of home ownership for many first-time buyers. Consequently, Brits have had no choice but to opt for the private rental market as an alternative way to get on the property ladder.


  4. Unhygienic Bathroom Habits Force 10% of Us to Avoid the Toilet at Work

    A large number of illnesses that result in workers taking time off work are often caught from dirty, unsanitary office conditions. No matter how clean a surface may look, it is likely to be crawling with germs that can carry infectious, and possibly dangerous, illnesses. Poor hygiene and cleanliness in office bathrooms can intensify the problem further, and place workers’ health at risk. Thus, despite the ‘taboo’ surrounding the subject, sought to find out what workers dislike the most about their colleague’s bathroom habits, and what is considered to be the ‘correct’ bathroom etiquette.


  5. Top Winter Sun Destinations you May Think Twice About Swimming in

    A growing number of Brits decide to travel abroad during the winter, with many flying to the Southern Hemisphere to enjoy the sun, sea and sand. Official statistics reveal that a record number of Brits travelled abroad in 2016. UK residents made as many as 70.8 million visits overseas, which is a 12% increase from 2015. Interestingly, the largest number of Brits travelled overseas in the last quarter of the year, which means that winter escapes are getting increasingly popular. But with so many gorgeous destinations to choose from ranging from the Caribbean and South-East Asia to Australia, many Brits are having difficulties deciding where to go.


  6. Christmas Presents to Avoid Buying…

    Despite women not knowing that they want for Christmas, women love to be spoilt regardless. wanted to find out specifically how much women expect their partner to spend on them for Christmas. The scale for which women expect their partners to splurge on them obviously depends on the financial situation of the partner, however, of those surveyed, the clear majority admitted they want their partner to spend between £100 and £150.


  7. The UK’s Best Home Improvers

    It can be said that Britain is home to the proudest homeowners.

    Whether it’s a twitch behind the curtain to catch a glimpse of next door neighbour Joan’s new hanging baskets, or a sit down with a cup of tea and Location, Location, Location (which has been running for 18 years now) – we love our homes. We are a nation obsessed with interiors, and we are continually perplexed by how other people like to live, decorate and furnish their own four walls.


  8. Global Water Stress Crisis by 2050

    How often do we think about the water we use? In the UK, we are conditioned to believe water is quite literally on tap, whenever, wherever we need it. The kettle, the toilet, bottled up in vending machines, awash in the local pool – our access is limitless.  Except – it isn’t. Recent research reveals that whilst our planet might be blue, we may still be left thirsty.


  9. Water Bills have Increased by £8 in 3 Years

    Over the last three years, the cost of household water bills in England and Wales has fluctuated, although research by shows that water bills are predominantly on the rise. The change in average bill prices, each year, is entirely dependent on each individual water supplier, and each price is calculated by the availability of water and the size of the region the household is situated within.


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