With their modern aesthetic and durability, steel baths are an excellent choice for those wanting to bring style, longevity, and value to their bathroom space. The best steel baths are a perfect addition to any modern home, combining a minimalistic look with a robust structure that is built to last.

With an array of stylistic and practical benefits, it’s no surprise that this type of bathtub has become an increasingly popular choice. But how do you decide on the best steel bath for you? With an array of different sizes, weights, and framed or frameless options available, choosing the right steel bath for your home can feel like a daunting prospect.

Thankfully, Showers to You is on hand to provide you with all the information you need. In this guide, we’ll cover all of the key considerations to help you identify the best steel bath for your bathroom.

What Are the Benefits of Having a Steel Bath?

There are a variety of advantages to having a steel bath in your home. Firstly, steel is an excellent heat conductor, meaning that these types of baths will keep your water hot for significantly longer than their acrylic equivalents.

Not only will the increased heat retention make for a more enjoyable soak, but it will also eliminate the cost incurred from having to regularly refill your bath with hot water. Steel baths come in a variety of different sizes and are available in single-ended and double-ended baths to suit your preference. (See our buying guide on single and double-ended baths for more information).

Unsurprisingly, the material used to design these baths makes them one of the most robust and durable choices on the market. The sturdy nature of these baths makes them less likely to crack or scratch, allowing them to maintain their sleek look for longer. Additionally, these baths are UV resistant, meaning they won’t fade or dull in colour over time.

The tough, resistant design of steel baths makes them perfect for family homes, with the durable structure making them ideal for frequent use. What’s more, steel is resistant to many of the harsh chemicals found in certain cleaning products, meaning that these baths can be easily maintained.

Most steel baths come with tap holes pre-drilled, so you can easily fit your preferred set of taps once you’ve chosen them. These baths are also an environmentally-friendly choice as they can be recycled once they’ve reached the end of their cycle.

With a plethora of practical advantages combined with a stylish design, steel baths are a great purchase for any home.

Is a Steel Bath Better Than an Acrylic Bath?

There are numerous variables when deciding whether a steel bath is better than an acrylic bath for your home. As we mentioned above, steel baths tend to be more durable, resistant, and heat-insulating than their acrylic counterparts.

While these advantages are undeniable, there are some instances where acrylic baths may be the best choice for you. These types of baths tend to be cheaper and more versatile, and are available in a wide range of styles and colours to suit a variety of different bathroom requirements.

Additionally, steel baths are initially a lot colder on the skin than acrylic baths upon first entering the tub. This may make them less ideal if you’re living with an elderly person or someone particularly sensitive to cold temperatures.

Though the cost of steel baths may be a little higher, their robust design is built for longevity and is likely to provide greater value over time. You can check out our guide about bath prices to learn more about bath costs.

At Showers to You, we have a wide selection of the best steel baths available from esteemed brands like Roca.

How Much Does a Steel Bath Weigh?

The weight of a steel bath can depend on several factors, from the size of the bath to the style and design. Unsurprisingly, steel baths tend to be significantly heavier than acrylic baths of similar size but weigh considerably less than cast iron options.

Typically, a standard steel bath can weigh anything from 30-40kg, though particularly large options could weigh as much as 60kg.

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Does a Steel Bath Need a Frame?

Steel baths can be purchased in both framed and frameless designs. While many people opt to place their bath within a framed structure in a corner of their bathroom (see our guide on corner baths), either for aesthetic or practical reasons, it is equally possible to purchase a freestanding bath in a steel design.

The relatively lightweight nature of steel baths means that they can be fitted with significantly lighter frames compared to other metal designs like cast iron.

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