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Category Archive: Hygiene

  1. Unhygienic Bathroom Habits Force 10% of Us to Avoid the Toilet at Work

    A large number of illnesses that result in workers taking time off work are often caught from dirty, unsanitary office conditions. No matter how clean a surface may look, it is likely to be crawling with germs that can carry infectious, and possibly dangerous, illnesses. Poor hygiene and cleanliness in office bathrooms can intensify the problem further, and place workers’ health at risk. Thus, despite the ‘taboo’ surrounding the subject, sought to find out what workers dislike the most about their colleague’s bathroom habits, and what is considered to be the ‘correct’ bathroom etiquette.


  2. 5 Mistakes Most People Do In The Bathroom

    The bathroom is the place where we visit to clean ourselves and because it becomes such a routine we are on autopilot most of the time when doing so. However, are our habits hygienic or are they more damaging than good? These are the grossest bathroom habits most of us are doing and need to stop:


  3. Top Winter Sun Destinations you May Think Twice About Swimming in

    A growing number of Brits decide to travel abroad during the winter, with many flying to the Southern Hemisphere to enjoy the sun, sea and sand. Official statistics reveal that a record number of Brits travelled abroad in 2016. UK residents made as many as 70.8 million visits overseas, which is a 12% increase from 2015. Interestingly, the largest number of Brits travelled overseas in the last quarter of the year, which means that winter escapes are getting increasingly popular. But with so many gorgeous destinations to choose from ranging from the Caribbean and South-East Asia to Australia, many Brits are having difficulties deciding where to go.


  4. Personnel Hygiene in the Workplace

    Personnel hygiene and appearance in the workplace can be a very sensitive issue. Telling an employee, they should consider changing their personal hygiene habits or appearance can be insensitive and rude. In hindsight, ignoring the problem, could create an unpleasant working environment. As a business leader or employee, it can be a very compromising position to be in. But if certain aspects of an employee’s appearance are noticeably distracting others than it’s only appropriate to act.


  5. 10 Hygiene Habits to Avoid this Summer

    We are well into summer, and so far it has been a hot one, with record breaking temperatures of a scorching 34.5 degrees Celsius- the hottest day recorded in June since 1976! However, with the scorching hot weather, comes some sticky consequences. Here at we have concluded that the current climate calls for a topping up of deodorant.


  6. Research reveals the dirty truth about our bathrooms

    We might assume our bathroom is the cleanest room in the house; after all, it is the place we go to get clean. However, bathrooms play host to millions of bacteria, which can thrive due to the warmth and moisture a bathroom holds, which can become potentially harmful to your health; particularly if you suffer low immunity, asthma and/or allergies. Therefore, bathrooms require a fair bit of cleaning and if you stay on top of cleaning your bathroom  and toilet regularly; these nasty bugs shouldn’t be an issue.


  7. Post-Gym Grime: How Long Do You Wait To Shower?

    In 2017, more and more Brits seem to be spending an exceptional amount of quality time down at the gym; honing our bodies and our conscious simultaneously. But, whilst we are spending time stretching, lifting and squatting to our heart’s content – it seems we aren’t spending all that much time in the shower…


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