Pivot Shower Doors: Buyer’s Guide

When creating your dream bathroom, it can be overwhelming which design of shower door you would like for your shower enclosure. Why are there so many? Can any shower door fit my enclosure? What's a pivot door?

Pivot Shower Doors are found in any bathroom setting. They are a practical design for a bathroom with limited space (one of the most space-saving door designs is a Sliding Door). In this helpful buyer's guide, we'll cover the key aspects of a pivot shower door, such as the average cost, the difference between hinged and pivot designs and what is the right choice for your bathroom.

What is a Pivot Shower Door?

Pivot Shower Doors are arguably one of the easiest shower doors to access your enclosure. This design of shower doors can be opened and closed via a rotating pivot at the top and bottom of the shower enclosure frame. Usually, they open outwards to 180° (this will vary from brand and size, such as the Roman Pivot Shower Doors).

The pivot door can be attached in an alcove shower setting or with an inline or side panel, thus creating a complete boxed enclosure. The doors are often found in more extensive bathroom settings due to the opening radius of the door.

What's the difference between Pivot and Hinger Shower Doors?

Pivot Doors are very similar to Hinged Shower Doors and are often mistaken for the same product. Both designs of doors use hinges to open. However, hinged shower doors have one or two built-in hinges on one side of the door, allowing it to open inwards and outwards fully.

The hinges on a Pivot Shower Door are located at the top and bottom of the door. When the door is opened, part of the pivot door opens into the shower enclosure, with the remaining protruding into the available bathroom space. This means that a pivot shower door uses less protruding area than a hinged shower door.

At ShowerstoYou, we stock affordable hinged shower doors, such as the luxurious Novellini Young collection.

Are Pivot or Hinged Shower Doors better?

This depends on the best practical option for your bathroom or enclosure. Whilst both pivot and hinged shower doors offer reliability, durability and effective services, both have their cons, including:

Cons of a Pivot Shower Door

  • Can be prone to water leaks where the hinges are situated as there are no seals surrounding the area
  • Usually more expensive due to their luxurious frameless style
  • They need a pre-existing structure

Cons of a Hinged Shower Door

  • It can be less visually striking than a pivot door
  • Not always practical

When deciding if you want a Pivot or a Hinged Shower Door, we always advise checking thoroughly which door design will fit in your enclosure and your personal preference.

Is a Pivot Shower Door just for a Recess Fitting?

A recess fitting is often called an alcove fitting. A recess fitting is where a shower door is installed between two walls. You will usually find Pivot, Hinged and Sliding Shower Doors in recess fitments. The recess fitting features two walls and three internal shower walls (two sides and rear).

Pivot Shower Doors can be installed with and without a recess fitting. Some of our pivot doors, such as the Merlyn Collection, have optional side panels available, creating a cosy yet ultra-modern shower enclosure.

Do Pivot Shower Doors leak?

The frameless pivot door does not leak. However, as the hinges are exposed, some water may pass through.

The bulk of a Pivot Shower Door opens outwards, and part of it pivots inwards, allowing flexibility when installing one in your bathroom. This can result in easy access to wheelchair-accessible showers and users with mobility issues.

As the door can open both ways, cleaning and general maintenance are easy to achieve. We always advise reading the manufacturer's guarantee before cleaning your shower door.

Are Pivot Shower Doors easy to install?

It's easy to install a pivot door than you think. For clear step-by-step instructions, check out our handy guide on how to fit a shower enclosure.

How much do Pivot Shower Doors cost?

At ShowerstoYou, we stock various pivot doors from leading manufacturers. One of the more luxurious designs is the Merlyn 10 Series which stands at over 2000mm. Nuie manufacture more affordable pivot doors, ranging from £150 to £250.

However, the cost of your pivot shower door may vary if you choose to complete your enclosure. Add-ons such as an inline panel, side panel and shower tray will increase your final price by several hundreds of pounds. We suggest reading our helpful guide for a full breakdown of costs.

In addition, the doors feature a variety of sleek finishes, including Chrome, Black and Brushed Brass.

What Shower Tray is best for a Pivot Door?

A shower tray sounds like a tedious task. They're pretty much all the same, aren't they?

As it happens, they're not. Shower Trays feature various designs, surface options and colour finishes. We advise selecting a tray that fits snug with the bathroom floor.

A square or rectangular design choice is often best for a pivot shower door. By taking your time conducting your research, you will be able to find the ideal one for you. After selecting the perfect door size, a matching-sized tray will narrow down the search.

Is a Pivot Shower Door suitable for my bathroom?

As this is down to personal preference, if the pivot design is the best shower door for your bathroom or ensuite, there are plenty of design options.

We have expertly produced a guide to buying a shower enclosure, which features everything you need to know, including alternate shower door options.

Why buy a Pivot Door from ShowerstoYou?

For the past 38 years, ShowerstoYou has provided exceptional bathroom and shower products across the UK. With leading manufacturers, including Novellini, Roman Showers and Lakes Bathrooms, there will be the perfect affordable pivot shower door for you.

All shower doors include a comprehensive manufacturer's guarantee to provide peace of mind when shopping.

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