What are the best shower enclosures?

What are the best shower enclosures?

If you’re looking to revamp your bathroom with a brand new shower, you may well be asking yourself, ‘what are the best shower enclosures?’ before you commit to a purchase. Once you’ve measured the space available in your bathroom, being faced with such a wide range of shower enclosures to choose from can seem a little daunting.

It’s important to ensure that you are buying the right shower enclosure, taking into account the shape and size of your bathroom and meeting your durability and accessibility needs. That’s why we’re going to look at the best shower enclosure options for different bathroom layouts or for the specific requirements you may have for your bathroom.

The best shower enclosures for a small space

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One of the issues you may face when purchasing your shower enclosure is the amount of space available to you in your bathroom. Having less space in your bathroom, however, doesn’t mean you’ll have limited options; it just means that there are enclosure types that would be better suited to you than others!

Once you’ve measured the shower area, taking into account the height and width dimensions, you may discover that a shower enclosure on the smaller side would be appropriate for your space. The average measurements for an enclosure are 800x800mm and 900x900mm, so if the area is a little smaller than this, it’s recommended that you look into buying an enclosure with either a folding or sliding shower door.

Using a folding door not only makes for a visually appealing shower enclosure, ensuring that this modern-looking design is the focal point of the room, it’s also great for space-saving too (with the smallest size available being 600mm).

A sliding door requires no extra space in the bathroom, ensuring that the whole shower area is compact. Unlike other entries, which may open outwards or otherwise take up space when the shower is opened or closed, more space can be utilised within the shower cubicle itself. As a result, this type of enclosure is perfect for smaller guest bathrooms or cloakrooms.

There are also certain types of enclosures you can consider for space-saving. For example, a quadrant enclosure provides the same amount of elbow room within the enclosure, but uses less space within the room setting. The slight curve to the door area gives it a sleek, modern look, and it will slot nicely into the corner of your chosen bathroom. Pair this with one of our quadrant shower tray options and a frame that compliments your bathroom to bring the look together.

If you’re looking for something even more compact, both shower pods and shower cubicles come in widths as small as 700mm, making them the ultimate space savers. With the average size of an enclosure being a couple of hundred millimetres larger than this, these are a really good option for maximising your available space. This makes them particularly good choices for cloakrooms or guest bathrooms.

Additionally, walk-in shower enclosures are extremely popular as there are no doors to open. The walk-in configuration consists of a shower tray, a fixed wetroom panel & the option for an additional end panel. Further to this, deflector panels can also be added to the walk-in panel creating even further protection from the shower.

The best shower enclosures for durability

There are many reasons why durability may be one of your main concerns when buying a shower enclosure. Perhaps you want to ensure that you won’t have to replace your enclosure for a long time, or maybe you have young children and don’t want to risk any damage being made to the glass or shower equipment.

If your primary consideration is the strength of the glass, you’ll be pleased to know that the shower glass we offer is toughened safety glass and of the best quality and will meet the highest safety standards.

The thinnest glass we offer is 4mm and 6mm. These are less expensive than our thicker glass options and may be suited to those who don’t like the look of thick panels of glass. Alternatively, we also stock ‘luxury’ and ‘premium’ glass, measuring between 8mm and 10mm.

Some shower enclosure brands, such as Aquadart or Merlyn, offer enclosures with 8mm toughened safety glass as standard - plus an incredible lifetime guarantee. This means you won’t have to worry about forking out for expensive glass repairs or replacements as with some cheap brands on the market today, like we said, all the glass we supply with toughened safety glass and is virtually unbreakable.

The best shower enclosures for corner and central spaces

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A quadrant shower enclosure refers to an enclosure with a slightly curved structure around the entrance area. This is the perfect enclosure type if you’re looking to place your shower in the corner of your bathroom, leaving more space in the central area of the bathroom to other kinds of bathroom furniture.

We offer various quadrant shower enclosures, from models with sliding doors to models with two doors opening outwards, and a single opening curved door. You can also choose between different styles and frame types, such as polished chrome or even something entirely frameless. We also offer premium quality quadrant shower trays in various colours and materials to perfectly compliment your quadrant shower enclosure.

Looking for a corner enclosure with a more unique style? Why not take a look at offset quadrant enclosures, which have a rectangular shape with one side longer than the other. This means you’ll have some extra space inside the shower for storage or equipment such as a shower stool.

The best shower enclosures for a smaller budget

If you’re looking for an enclosure that would suit a smaller budget, we have numerous shower pods, also known as shower cubicles, available. They are simple to install and are the perfect option for a smaller budget.

Shower pods are self-contained shower cubicles suitable for placement in bathroom recesses or the corner of a bathroom. They come with either sliding or pivot doors, and you can choose between a shower pod that arrives in a flatpack box which includes all walls, screens and fittings, or a pod that’s pre-assembled. This means that not only are you potentially saving hundreds on the enclosure itself, but you’ll also be saving on those pricey installation fees too.

Read our guide about how much shower enclosures cost for more information.

While being suitable for a smaller budget, as well as being easy and cheap to install, these types of enclosures are also simple to clean and maintain once up and running. Additionally, there are pods and cubicles available that are just 700mm in width, meaning that they are perfect for a smaller bathroom. If space-saving isn’t on your list of necessities when choosing a pod, there are other larger options available if you’re looking for something roomier, with widths of up to 1700mm also available for purchase.

The best luxury shower enclosures

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If your main concern isn’t saving money or space, we also have an array of luxury shower enclosures for you to choose from. These luxury showers tend to have some added features or a little extra space, along with easy sliding doors, soft close buffers and quick release doors for easy cleaning.

One of our most popular luxury shower types is the Merlyn 10 Series shower enclosures, featuring 10mm easy clean toughened safety glass and a lifetime guarantee for total peace of mind.

Our Roman Decem shower enclosures have been meticulously designed and expertly crafted to create a luxury shower experience for all. They are created using high-quality materials, and include premium features including luxurious 10mm thick safety glass and chrome brass hardware.

While we have a range of shower pods and cubicles that are fantastic for a smaller budget, we also have a range of cubicles that have all the benefits you’d expect from a pod (like the option of a smaller size, plus easy installation and maintenance) with an added element of luxury.

If this is what you have in mind, we’d recommend considering one of our Kinedo cubicles. These self-contained cubicles from Kinedo are made with premium Cristal Plus glass panels, which are super easy to clean and maintain as they eliminate limescale and soap scum build-up. Kinedo products are also silicone-free, meaning there’s no chance of discolouration. They also have a two-year manufacturer’s guarantee.

If you’ve already got your eye on another type of enclosure, however, you do have the option to specify things like size, frame, and glass type. This means you can make a simple enclosure as luxurious as you’d like. Take a look at the various size options for the shower you have in mind, as some types even have the opportunity to upgrade to a seriously spacious 1700mm.

There are also premium and luxury glass options available in the form of our 8mm and 10mm toughened safety glass, meaning you won’t have to worry about chipping or cracking. We have many frames and finish types to choose from to complete the look, from modern, frameless designs, to classic chrome finishes.

Shower enclosures for reduced mobility

While considerations like space and budget are very important, there’s no point in spending money on a brand new enclosure if it’s not going to be suitable for your individual needs. That’s why we have options available for those with reduced mobility or who may need a little more support while in the shower.

Not only do our walk-in showers have a fantastic lifetime guarantee, if these are paired with a level-access wetroom floor, they’re also great for those who may struggle to get in and out of standard showers, minimising movement of the lower limbs. Additionally, their larger sizes mean there is extra room for a walking aid, such as a crutch or stick.

There’s also no need to look into purchasing from specialised disability shops for equipment, as we have numerous accessories available for those looking for extra support once in the shower. Shower seats are available in various types, from shower stools to folding shower seats and easy-fit benches, as well as free-standing or wall-mounted options too.

There are also a range of grab rails to choose from, available in various colours, coatings and materials. Additionally, you can choose between a basic rail or a more specific floor-to-wall support.

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