What size shower enclosure I need?

What size shower enclosure do I need?

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When you’ve decided that getting a new shower enclosure is the right choice for you, one of the tasks you’ll have to complete is measuring the area where your enclosure will go and deciding on the appropriate size. Some people may find this process a little daunting, but this can be done quite easily with the right knowledge and tools.

How to measure for a shower enclosure

It goes without saying that before you even decide which shower enclosure to buy, you must first decide on which bathroom your enclosure is going in, followed by then measuring your available space. The recommended steps to take when measuring your shower space are as follows:

1. Ensure you have the right tools

You will need the following:

● A tape measure

● A pen/pencil and paper

● A cardboard cut-out

2. Record the dimensions of your old shower tray

If you have one, record the dimensions of your old shower tray. If you’re simply replacing an old shower tray like-for-like, just measure and record its length and width.

If, however, you’re replacing a quadrant tray, you’ll need to find out the radius too. Do this by measuring one side of the shower for the length, then measure from one side up to the point where the enclosure begins to arc. However, here at ShowerstoYou, all of our quadrant shower trays are 550mm radius which is now the standard within the industry.

Read our guide to measuring a shower tray for more help.

3. Draw the shape of the shower onto cardboard

Next, draw the shape of the shower onto your cardboard cut out using your tape measure.

4. Put it into position

Once you have sketched out a rough shape of your shower, place it into position to give you a good idea of how this will look and fit.

5. Mark the waste pipe

Now mark where the waste pipe will be situated if you’re changing the shape and size of your new enclosure.

6. Consider the height of the tray

Lastly, consider the height of your shower tray. Whilst most trays have a low-level design, sometimes the tray will have to be raised due to either insufficient fall of the waste or because waste pipes are above the floor level. If this is the case, a tray riser kit will be required.

Small shower enclosures

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The size of the shower enclosure you need partly depends on which bathroom in the house you want your enclosure in. The average dimensions for an enclosure are 800x800mm and 900x900mm. If your available space is smaller than this, such as in a guest bathroom or cloakroom, you may want to consider buying and installing a shower pod or a shower cubicle, both of which come in widths as small as 700mm and are easy to maintain. These compact shower enclosures are perfect for maximising space and either come flat-packed or pre-made, making the whole process of building and installation as simple as can be.

While they’re generally a little larger than a shower pod or cubicle, a quadrant enclosure can also be great for space-saving. With these types of enclosure, the area where you enter and exit the shower has a slight curve and can slot nicely into a bathroom corner. Choose the perfect quadrant shower tray and pick which frame style you’d like to compliment your new enclosure.

Once you’ve decided on the right enclosure for your smaller bathroom, it’s time to consider which type of shower door to choose. You may want to opt for either bi-fold doors, sliding shower doors, infold shower doors, or inswing shower doors. These are a good option because, unlike a hinged door, these door options will not impede on the available space, keeping your shower area compact and enclosed.

Large shower enclosures

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When it comes to planning for a larger master bathroom, you’re likely to have more space to work with. Therefore, you may want to get a bigger enclosure for a more spacious and luxurious shower experience. Thankfully, we have many larger enclosures available for you to choose from.

A walk-in shower from us has a maximum length of 1700mm and has a stylish design consisting of solid glass panels in a variety of thicknesses. Given that these showers are spacious and generally don’t include a step for getting in or out, they’re also great for those with reduced mobility.

We’ve already discussed the space-saving benefits of quadrant enclosures, but what about offset quadrant enclosures? What makes an offset quadrant enclosure different from a standard quadrant enclosure is that an offset quadrant has more of an asymmetrical design. One side of the shower is longer than the other, meaning that the design is more rectangular than square. This means that you’ll have more space lengthwise while showering, suitable for either a more luxurious experience for yourself or easy storage with shower trays or shelves.

Read our guide about the best shower enclosures for more inspiration.

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