What bath waste do I need?

What bath waste do I need?

So, you have purchased a new bath or are considering purchasing one and have noticed that the product page says “Waste and Taps not included”. This product feature has left you pondering what you need to purchase? You are familiar with taps but not too sure about the bath waste. A bath waste (like a basin waste) can often be an overlooked item in your bathroom as you focus on the large purchases for the renovation, often forgetting to think about the smaller required items. It probably won’t be the first thing to jump to your mind, but this helpful guide explains how the choice of waste can make a huge impact.

What is a Bath Waste?

A bath waste consists of the plug, overflow and trap. These components allow the bath to fill up with water and drain away efficiently and hygienically. The bath waste connects to the waste plumbing in your bathroom. These components are available for purchase separately, although kits are available.

All the waste plugs have different designs. These range from the standard plug and chain to a push button. We’ve put this simple guide together to help you with any questions and available styles.

Do I need a Slotted Bath Waste or an Unslotted Bath Waste?

A slotted waste allows excess water to drain safely from the bath if the tap is left running, hence preventing flooding of the bathroom space. The slotted waste has a connecting pipe between the overflow and waste fitting. Therefore, if your bath features an overflow, then a slotted waste is essential. An unslotted waste is suited for a bath without an overflow. Most modern baths are mechanical, often stopping the water from draining away with an integrated stopper. However, some freestanding baths come without an overflow, therefore it is worthwhile checking before you purchase a new bath waste. Thankfully, the bath wastes at Showers to You clearly state whether they are slotted or unslotted.

Should I buy a Concealed or Exposed bath waste?

A concealed waste kit conceals the pipes, whereas an exposed kit puts them on show. Depending upon your style of bath & bathroom will depend upon the type of kit that you may wish to purchase.

A concealed waste kit is appropriate when the installation intends to hide all pipework associated with the waste, including the bath trap, waste pipe and overflow pipe. The design of the concealed waste kit pipe means that this can often be found, constructed of plastic materials rather than something more stylish, due to the overflow pipe not being on show. For the majority of standard bath installations, concealed bath wastes would be the most suitable choice due to the pipework being hidden within the wall recess or under the bath and behind bath panels.

Exposed bath waste kits are designed with the primary aim of being on display and show, therefore, these are appropriate for where the waste end of the bath is not fitted against a wall. The exposed pipework will add additional luxury and style to your bathroom, often with a more decorative chrome material finish. Many exposed waste kits are for use with traditional baths or freestanding baths.

What types of bath wastes are there?

Once you have figured out if you need a slotted or concealed style, you can now select your design. Each type of bath waste has various functionalities. You may wish to pair up the design style with the design style of your basin waste fitting. Check out our handy guide on what types of basin wastes are there to help you choose.

Plug and Chain

These wastes come with a small link chain or ball that connect the overflow to the waste fitting. All that is required is for the user to put the plug into the waste fitting. The bathplug will prevent water from draining from the bath whilst the bath is in use. To release the water the plug will be pulled and this will allow water to drain away. This is the traditional and most familiar style of waste fitting.

Click-Clack, Push Button and Sprung Waste

These names are synonyms for each other. By pushing down the stopper, the waste closes and allows the bath to fill. When manually pressed again, the waste pops up then the water is drained away. Please note: The Push Button wastes often drain the water away at a slower rate than a standard waste, however, they give any bath a modern feel.

Pop Up Wastes

Pop Up Wastes are inspired by French and Italian bathtubs. They feature a dial that rests near the overflow. A simple turn closes the waste; another turn releases it. A major benefit of these designs is that your hand does not need to be scorched on the hot water (we’ve all been there!).

Why get your bath waste from Showers to You?

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