What basin waste do I need?

What basin waste do I need?

So, you have been shopping around for a waste fitting for your basin and have gotten absolutely nowhere. There are slotted or unslotted, click-clack, chains, with or without overflows and more. In this short guide, you’ll be able to identify which option is the correct one for you.

What are basin wastes?

A basin waste connects your existing basin to the waste pipe, allowing the water to drain away from your basin (regardless of the design) or allowing the water to fill your basin. You will most often hear the waste being referred to as a “plug” or a “plug hole”.

Waste fittings also exist for showers and baths (see our handy guide on choosing the best bath waste fitting).

Sounds simple, so far? Now, let’s expand on that ever so slightly…

What size waste do I need for my basin?

You see, there isn’t a wide choice of sizes, so there is no need to find what type your current basin is and worry about getting matching parts. All basin wastes are the same size at 11/4" or 32mm. All bath /sink wastes are 1½" or 40mm BSP (British Standard Pipe).

What is an overflow?

An overflow is a small hole located near the top of the rim of your basin. Water drains away if the basin gets too full, therefore preventing a basin from overflowing and flooding the bathroom. The overflow hole connects to a pipe that drains out at the waste.

What is the difference between slotted and unslotted wastes?

Slotted is usually the most common type of waste. They are suitable for use with a basin with an overflow. The slot allows excess water from the overflow to drain away safely. A pipe connects the overflow hole on a basin to the slot on the basin waste.

Unslotted is only suited for a basin without an overflow. They are very similar to slotted waste, as seen as part of our Bristan range of wastes below. From here, you should be able to identify if you require slotted or unslotted.

Do I need a slotted waste or an unslotted waste?

If your basin has an overflow, you will require a slotted waste. If your basin has no overflow, therefore no need for water to drain whilst the basin waste is closed, you will require an unslotted basin waste.

What types of basin waste are there?

Once you have determined which one you require, you can now decide on your preferred design. Each type of basin waste has various operational features and designs. Usually, they are available in slotted and unslotted options. (see our helpful 4 easy-step guide to fitting a basin waste)

What is a click-clack, Push Button and Sprung waste?

- Click-Clack, Push Button and Sprung are the same. They operate by pushing down on the stopper once to close it, then pressing again to release it. With them being one of the most popular designs of basin waste available, they are easy to install, use and maintain. However, they usually do not drain as quickly as the other types below.

What is a Pop-up waste?

- Pop Up wastes are usually supplied with basin taps. (Many of our basin mixers come complete with a waste). They operate via a lever/ bar located towards the back of the basin. The lever/ bar is pulled upwards to stop the waste (put the plugin), allowing the basin to fill with water. This is pushed down to open, allowing the water to drain away and keep your hands out of the dirty water.

What is a Flip Top Waste?

Flip Top or spinner designs are exactly how they sound. The top of the waste is rotated, flipped or spun 180° to either reveal the drain or seal it. More often than not, the Flip Top option is seen in the more modern design of the basin.

What is a Chain and Plug Waste?

Plug and chain/ chainstay is a popular waste basin. They are most commonly associated with traditionally styled basins. A plug and chain is usually slotted with an overflow, although they require a chainstay, meaning a small hole will allow the chain to be secured from the opposite end of the plug (please note, some modern styled basins do not have the small hole).

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