Shower Trays: Buyer’s Guide

The shower tray is an essential part of a new shower enclosure. There are plenty of options, with various shapes, styles and colours. Where could you begin if you're looking for a new tray or an upgrade?

Lucky for you, we've written a complete buying guide for your new Shower Tray. We'll cover everything from the various shapes and even how to maintain your tray with handy cleaning ideas.

What is a Shower Tray?

A Shower Tray is found on the floor of your shower enclosure. It directs the wastewater flow into the drain on the tray, often found either in the centre, corner, or side of the tray. Shower trays are sturdy, durable and robust.

The shower panels precisely fit onto the tray to create a cosy shower enclosure. The measurement of the shower tray is critical as the fitment needs to be watertight. If the size is incorrect, water can leak from the tray and damage the floor, potentially causing water damage, bacteria and destroying the tray.

MX Shower Trays are our most popular shower trays. These trays are held in stock at Showers to You for fast dispatch.

How do I measure a shower tray?

While it sounds simple in practice, measuring a Shower Tray must be accurate and precise to avoid costly errors. You may need the following:

Tape measure

Pen or Pencil

Paper for notes


If you measure for a square or rectangular design, measure each side from the corner of the enclosure (e.g., Side one is 800mm) back towards the tape measure (e.g., Side two is 800mm. In the example, the Shower Tray size is 800 x 800mm.

If your Shower Tray is curved, you will need to find the radius of the shower tray. We advise using the handy measuring table below. One side of the tray for the length, and the other side needs to be measured up to the point of the line in the enclosure begins to arc. Please note that the table below does not work for an Offset Quadrant Shower Tray (more on Shower Tray Shapes shortly).

Measurement 1

Measurement 2














Measurement 1

Measurement 2














Alternatively, using a flat piece of cardboard can give you a rough idea of how to measure your Shower Tray.

Place the cardboard down over the surface of the Shower Tray and draw the tray onto the cardboard. Cut the cardboard out to give you an accurate size.

Regardless of how you measure the tray, it is essential to note where the waste is positioned so the pipe lines up with the old waste hole. The waste is often positioned in the corner, central or at the front of the shower tray. In some cases, such as the Kudos Connect2 collection, two waste holes can be found for easier fitting.

What Shower Tray shapes can I buy?

Various Shower Tray sizes are available at ShowerstoYou:

Square Shower Trayswith equal-sized edges are ideal for a smaller bathroom setting. Squared designs are versatile regarding a shower door design, with Pivot, Bifold and Hinged Shower Doors being the most common choice. These space-saving tray designs allow them to fit in a corner or an alcove.

Rectangular Shower Trayssimilar to a Squared design, Rectangular Shower Trays can fit in the corner of your bathroom or an alcove space. Rectangular Trays have one side larger than the other, allowing for a larger showering area. However, some designs have small sizes, which enable Rectangular Trays to be used in any sized bathroom or ensuite.

Quadrant Shower Trays this design has two equal sides and a curved front, making them ideal for corner fitting. Various sizes are available, and Quadrant Shower Trays are most suitable for Quadrant Enclosures.

Offset Quadrant Shower Trays they combine a Rectangular and Quadrant design, having one side larger than the other and a curved front. Offset Quadrant Trays have varying shower areas (depending on the size purchased), making them practical for all-sized bathrooms. These are most suitable for Offset Quadrant Enclosures.

Walk-In Shower Traysthis design features a Walk-In Shower Enclosure. These styles are specific for a walk-in enclosure (check out our helpful buyer's guide for a walk-in shower enclosure). If your enclosure has been designed for low-level access, Wetroom panels are installed onto the tray. These trays are often larger than standard shower trays, and some even feature a specific drying area. Low-level or flat trays sit flush with the tiled bathroom floor.

Shaped Shower Trays – D-Shaped, P-Shaped and Pentagonal Shower Trays can transform your bathroom. These trays are designed with a matching shower enclosure and are less common than a Square or Rectangle design (Nuie Bathrooms produce an affordable D-Shaped Enclosure with an optional matching shower tray).

What are Shower Trays made from?

Shower Trays are manufactured from various materials and are often stated in the descriptions.

ABS Acrylic Capped Stone Resin shower trays have been made from shards of durable stone in resin. The resin is moulded to the shower tray design and polished. The acrylic cap allows the surface to be scratch-resistant, durable and hard-wearing, lasting for years to come.

Another material used is Acrylic, that's affordable and common in many bathroom settings. The tray is cost-effective, easy to install and durable. Acrylic is non-slip when water coats the surface.

All shower tray materials also have a variety of contemporary finishes. White is one of the more popular finishes, although black, grey and sandstone can be purchased).

Can a Shower Tray be raised?

If you do not wish for the shower tray to be flush with the floor, a riser kit can be purchased. This lifts the shower tray several inches from the floor. The kit features panel strips that surround the underneath of the tray and several durable legs (e.g., the Merlyn Touchstone range features these kits as an optional extra).

A shower tray can be raised for several reasons, including easier access to any pipework and easy access for users who want a taller overall enclosure.

What types of Shower Trays can I buy?

Several types of Shower Trays can be purchased:

  • Low-Level – these shower trays are flush on the floor and blend into the tiles. These trays provide easy access who have mobility issues and who wish for a minimal design.
  • Raised Tray – this Shower Tray design is higher than the average tray. This design is ideal for a bathroom with raised pipework, allowing the wastewater to drain away correctly and easy access to the pipework.
  • Standard – these trays are the most common in an average household. These trays come in Square, Rectangle and Curved designs and have a raised edge to prevent water from escaping the tray.
  • Exact Height – some trays, such as the Novellini Victory Shower Trays, feature a precise height. Heights vary depending on the design, but the higher the tray, the easier the water can drain away.

How much do Shower Trays cost?

At ShowerstoYou, our massive collection of Shower Trays ranges from £83 - £900. We recommend reading out the shower enclosure cost guide for a full breakdown. The size, brand and material of the Shower Tray fluctuate the price.

Nuie Bathrooms and the Britton Zamori collections are some of the most affordable shower trays we stock.

How do I clean a Shower Tray?

Shower Trays will ultimately get dirty. If they are not maintained correctly, soap scum, limescale, and bacteria can build up over time.

We have a dedicated blog post on how to clean your shower tray thoroughly. One of the easiest methods we have found is:

Mix 100ml of white vinegar and 100ml of washing-up liquid into an old bottle

Spray onto the shower tray in the affected areas

Leave for approximately half an hour

Wipe the mixture away and rinse.

We recommend reading the manufacturer's guarantee before cleaning your shower tray, as any product may void any potential warranty claims.

Can Shower Trays be cut to size?

Many shower trays can be cut to your desired size. This is beneficial for a bathroom with a smaller area. With the correct tools, a tray can be carefully cut to size. We recommend leaving the job to a professional, as one mistake can be costly. Many Novellini Shower Trays have the option to be cut to size.

Why should I buy a Shower Tray from ShowerstoYou?

For the past 38 years, ShowerstoYou has provided various shower enclosures, accessories and trays. We have experts who live and breathe bathrooms and provide customers with an array of knowledge.

All our Shower Trays and products feature a full manufacturer's warranty for complete peace of mind when purchasing.

Check out our range of Shower Trays today.