Bifold Shower Doors: Buyer’s Guide

Are you hunting for a new shower door? Searching for a new shower door can be time-consuming, but the result can make or break your shower enclosure.

Finding the right shower door is pivotal and crucial when upgrading your bathroom or ensuite. A Bifold Shower Door could be the ideal choice.

We've broken down everything you need to know about a Bifold Shower Door and help make your choice a little easier.

What is a Bifold Shower Door?

A Bifold Shower Door comprises two or three hard-wearing panels that fold into one another. They fold into the shower enclosure using durable hinges connecting each panel.

Bifold Shower Doors are an ideal space-saving choice for your bathroom as they cannot be opened outwards into the room. This shower door design can often be found in smaller homes, caravans, boats and alcove shower enclosures.

Many Bifold Shower Doors have the option for an additional side panel to create a compact, cosy shower enclosure. The Novellini Young 2GS+F collection has a required panel to create a shower enclosure with left and right-hand fitments available.

Are Bifold Doors better than Sliding Doors?

A Sliding Shower Door is another practical design of a shower door. They slide to the left or right and utilise sliding runners, allowing easy access to your shower. Both Sliding and Bifold Shower doors operate similarly. However, a Sliding Shower Door can be less convenient for quicker access and slightly more expensive.

A Bifold Shower Door has hinges at the top and bottom of the panels, although the panels can slide into each other like a concertina. With some designs of Bifold Shower Doors, the view from the panels can be slightly obscured if the seals are thick or have a dark colour.

At ShowerstoYou, we stock affordable and luxurious Sliding Shower Doors such as the Merlyn Sliding Door Collection. In addition, we have written a helpful buyer's guide for everything you need to know about Sliding Shower Doors.

Do Bifold Shower Doors leak?

When the Bifold Shower Door is opened, the glass panels retract together. When they reach together, the glass panels often have two safety silicone seals that prevent the glass from cracking.

All shower doors have a chance of leaking, however, if the door is installed correctly, then there will be no issues. The panels usually have toughened safety glass, making them more durable and safer than a standard shower door.

How much do Bifold Shower Doors cost?

The final cost of a Bifold Shower Door can vary from brand to size. On ShowerstoYou, the prices range from £260 - £780. All Bifold Shower Doors have various frame types (more on that later), finishes and fitment options. We have a complete breakdown guide available for the overall cost of shower enclosures.

An affordable Bifold Shower Door collection is the Aquadart Venturi 6 range. These frameless Bifold Doors have the option to extend the door with Wall Profiles and the option to have a complete enclosure with an optional side door.

How do I measure and install a Bifold Shower Door?

Whilst we always recommend contacting a professional, measuring and installing a Bifold Shower Door is easier than you think. Most Bifold Shower Doors on ShowerstoYou include fitting instructions.

Before installing a shower door, it is crucial to measure and fit the new shower tray. We suggest reading through our clear step-by-step guide available on how to measure a shower tray.

Our Bifold Shower Doors range from 600mm to 1400mm in width.

A full written tutorial is available on correctly installing your new shower doors.

What Shower Tray is best suited for a Bifold Shower Door?

Whilst a shower tray can come in several designs, most Bifold Shower Doors are ideal for a squared or rectangular designed tray.

The door is positioned onto the shower tray and installed. We have a wide variety of shapes and finishes of Shower Trays available at ShowerstoYou.

What frame designs can I get for a Bifold Shower Door?

Our Bifold Shower Doors come in three different frame options:

Framed – One of the more recognisable frame styles, the Framed Door has a solid frame construction around the panels. For example, the Nuie Rene 700mm Bifold Door has a chrome frame on the top and bottom, each side and the panel centre.

Frameless – A Frameless Bifold Shower Door creates a disguised aesthetic in your bathroom or ensuite. The only visible parts are the hinges and panel seal. The Roman Innov8 Collection comes in a black finish with visible black sides and hinges.

Semi-Frameless – If you want to combine a frame and frameless design, a Semi-Frameless Bifold Shower Door is the right design. This door incorporated glass panel edging from framed and frameless doors, and the glass panels are often thicker, safer and sleek.

Is a Bifold Shower Door the best choice for my bathroom?

With plenty of brands, designs and finishes, a Bifold Shower Door could be the ideal choice for your bathroom.

This design is suited for a smaller bathroom size or an ensuite. Suppose space is limited and you wish to incorporate other ideas into the bathroom, such as designer bathroom furniture or high-quality toilets. In that case, a Bifold Shower Door could be the most sensible choice.

We have an expertly produced guide to buying a shower enclosure that covers alternate shower door suggestions.

Why buy a Bifold Shower Door from ShowerstoYou?

At ShowerstoYou, we have provided various bathroom and shower products for the past 38 years. We have a vast range of bifold shower door designs, styles and brands, and we guarantee you will find the perfect shower door for your home.

All of our Bifold Shower Doors include a manufacturer's warranty for complete peace of mind. Finally, we are always prepared to discuss any issues regarding any queries.